6 Hard Truths About Weight Loss, God’s Way

Meet Nicola, one of our Weight Loss, God’s Way members.

Twice a month, we feature one of our members in what we call ‘Success Spotlight’. We normally do some editing to reduce the content, but what Nicola shared was so inspiring and motivating, I had to share it all. I pray that it blesses you, too.

We asked Nicola, “What advice/tips/suggestions could you offer to your fellow sisters on this journey?” Here is her response.


Hard Truth #1

You must yield your right-of-way to your body and your eating to the Lord Jesus Christ

If you don’t have scheduled time with Jesus every day, you don’t have power for life, much less the strength to be successful in losing weight.

Hard Truth #2

Your body can endure almost anything—it is your mind that must be changed

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start, continue, or restart the WLGW principles. If you have an “I’ll start Monday” mentality, you are not ready and will not succeed.

Hard Truth #3

If you are not measuring, writing, documenting what you do, you will not succeed

The Monthly Planning Worksheet is essential to my success and accountability. You don’t have to buy a Fitbit or any other tracking gizmo, but these things make tracking easier—they are not even precise but they are easy to use for tracking. And, be sure to measure body parts and how clothes fit, etc.

Hard Truth #4

You cannot outrun your fork

The gym/physical activity is to maintain weight and/or prevent regaining weight. However, your license with food and how you use it—how much you use food and for what purposes you use food will dictate your weight loss or lack thereof.

Hard Truth #5

Fail to plan, plan to fail

I keep tennis shoes in my car and under my desk at work.

I sleep in my gym clothes a few nights for the mornings I plan to work out.

I buy my smoothie items on Sunday and know what smoothies I will have all during the week.

I look for opportunities to walk or exercise.

I travel with the foods that I most enjoy and need to be successful. I also travel with tennis shoes and walking or workout gear on getaways, because how can you take a vacation from being healthy?

Hard Truth #6

I set the tone and dictate the terms of my health journey

Everyone having pizza is not my cue to have pizza.

I know how to throw food out or even pretend that I have eaten.

I let people know ahead of time what I can eat and what I can’t eat at their shindigs.

Fellowship does not mean food.


My physical priorities: 

Some type of physical activity

A designated period of time for eating



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