Cathy_Crouch_NoBackground_SMI love to run—the longer and harder, the better. Running to me is like a metaphor for life. I rarely feel like doing it, but once I get started, everything seems to come into focus. My mind begins to relax and the thrill of overcoming this challenge leaves me feeling like I can accomplish anything.

I also enjoy the variety that each day brings working with clients in this industry. I especially love the excitement I feel from helping them reach their goals.

I realize that their success is what keeps me in check. Lord, knows I also need that accountability. Like my son, I also pray that junk food could be healthy, but that is one prayer that I hope God never answers. I’m also a self-proclaimed chocoholic which is what qualifies me to inspire others. I know how challenging it is to do what you don’t want to do . . . and it ain’t eating less and moving more!

Over the years, I’ve seen some of the most powerful and faith-filled people struggle with their health and their weight. How is it possible to exercise so much power and authority, and yet feel so powerless in the area of health and fitness? How is it that we have been given the power and authority to cast out demons, yet we can’t stop ourselves from eating a piece of chocolate? Why do we struggle with so many issues around our weight, such as, emotional eating, physical inactivity, self-control, guilt, and feelings of low self-esteem?

And over the years, even I—a rational, disciplined, faith-filled, personal trainer—struggled with my weight; with emotional eating; with self-doubt; and with low self-esteem.

I tried to change just about everything about myself for much of my life, so I know what it’s like to feel stuck. I now understand that every insecurity, challenge, and negative emotion that I experienced was equipping me to help other people who faced the same struggles—especially women.

I pray that I can help you to reach your health and wellness goals.

Let’s do this together!


  • Cheree D

    Reply Reply May 12, 2018

    Hello Cathy,
    Thank you for creating this. I struggle with willpower. I someone’s believe that because I work hard, take good care of my family, or still grieving the death of my sister I have a right to not workout or eat something I know I shouldn’t. I am a very busy person so unless I write it into my calendar it won’t happen. In my family women die young. My mom died at 37, both grandmothers died before 70 and my sister was 51. I am determined to live longer than all of them, but I need to lose 20lbs to keep my health numbers headed in the healthy direction. I look forward to this challenge because I want to keep doing God’s work and my daughter needs me.

    • Cathy

      Reply Reply May 12, 2018

      Hi Cheree, I pray that curse of early morbidity ends with you in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I pray that you shall have life and have it to the full. Know that you can create a new legacy for your family.

  • Michelle Harrison

    Reply Reply April 2, 2018

    Hi CATHY! I’m a newly just started your devotional today “Looking WEIGHT God’s Way” I’m another one that’s started several diet plans and quit or have lost a few got a lil happy and put it back on ?I’ve been going through readjusting,accepting and moving on after losing my JOB of 14 years in April 2017. After realizing through much prayer and my strong faith in God gave me the Undestanding and Strength to get through it. I thought Ide depend on him to help me through THIS JOURNEY!! What I need is to be committed so with much prayer and devoting myself to read and follow your advise in this 21 day devotional I will accomplish what I need to do.. God bless you!!!

    • Jo Gambosi

      Reply Reply April 2, 2018

      HI Michelle, Glad you are enjoying Cathy’s Devotional. I hope you can join us on the 21-Day Challenge starting April 9. The first 10 days are free. I started with this program in January 2017 and to date have released more than 100 lbs.

      Check out for our programs.

  • Fifi

    Reply Reply April 1, 2018

    I’m Nigerian and I often find it difficult to follow through with any weight loss plan because most of them are tailored for Caucasian or Non African diets. I hope that when talking about food, I can relate because most of the foodstuff mentioned are not available in my region. I’m also paraplegic and this can be an issue when it comes to exercise. I hope that I’ll be able to achieve my weight loss goals. Thanks for this opportunity. God bless you

  • Josette B

    Reply Reply March 19, 2018

    Hi Cathy,
    I really want to be conscious of how I spend my time, because I think I am short changing myself. I am starting the challenge again. I appreciate your calling to change the lives of so many people. I feel like a failure because I am not God’s best representative in the world as an overweight Christian.

    • Cathy

      Reply Reply March 19, 2018

      I empathize with how you’re feeling and I pray that one day you will realize that you will never be a failure in God’s eyes.


    Reply Reply March 12, 2018

    Hi Cathy. I’m so glad I came across your devotionals on The Bible app. I’ve been in need of health and weight support and accountability and I believe I will find it here in your program. I have faith that God will lead me through the times when I struggle and will celebrate with me with each achievement I reach. He is my Rock. All things are possible with Christ who strengthens me. Thank you, God bless you and I’m looking forward to working with you.

  • Carolyn L.

    Reply Reply March 6, 2018

    Hi Cathy,
    I hope I can do this. I have started and stopped too many things these past 10+ years. I disappoint myself often… but I never give up hope. I want to complete this. I want to stop wasting what God has given me: a strong mind, a faithful heart, and a desire to draw ever closer to His will for my life. I believe how I hold onto weight is a reflection of how I inwardly feel about what I deserve. I desire to move forward and release what is holding me captive. God desires my best and I want to receive it from and for Him. Thank you for offering this program for us all.

    • Cathy

      Reply Reply March 6, 2018

      Welcome Carolyn, ‘hope’s a good place to start. Don’t worry about finishing. Just take it one day at a time.

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