Are you a Slave to Your Hunger?

slave to your hunger

The other night we had a wonderful dinner of lightly breaded fish, rice and vegetables. It was delicious, healthy and satisfying. Yet two hours later I heard myself say “I’m still hungry.” I was not starving  nor was my stomach grumbling. It was the kind of feeling where I felt an anticipation of something more,…

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Could this Mistake be Keeping you from your Fitness Goals?

We’re focusing on fitness this month. It is one of the magic elixirs to good health. The benefits of physical fitness range from lower blood pressure, weight loss, decreased stress levels, improved mental function– just to name a few. So if there are so many benefits, why don’t we do it consistently? The other day,…

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Top 3 Predictors of your Weight Loss Success

Understandably, I’ve talked to a higher number of people than usual over the past few weeks-motivation and will-power runs high in January. With each conversation, I can usually predict within the first few minutes whether or not someone will be successful in reaching their goals. Unfortunately, the odds of readiness are low. There are surefire…

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Why Christian Weight Loss?

I’m always excited and encouraged about bringing in a new year.New goals, new dreams, new trails to blaze.I’m believing with you for the healthiest year ever! May you set big audacious goals this year and accomplish every one of them. I’ve set my fitness goal this year to participate in a crazy obstacle course called the…

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Are Faith Based Weight Loss Programs Better?

faith based weight loss

Is there really was a need for a faith based or Christian-based program? After-all, what makes Christian weight loss any different from anyone else’s weight loss. I’ve gotta admit that I just cringed as I googled ‘Christian Weight Loss Programs’ Yikes !!!, at the top of the list was some wacko telling you that you’re…

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