You Shall Have What You Say. I Say, “It’s FriYay!”

Happy FriYay

Happy Friday, Sisters! I trust your week was blessed! It’s FriYAY! 😀🤣 I say “FriYAY,” not because I’m glad it’s the weekend, but because I’m committed to making every day a “YAYday.” That’s especially important during these uncertain times. I believe you shall have what you say. Because of that, I’m committed to rejoicing in the…

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Turn Your Health Vision into Reality

Vision, or Unrestrained? When it comes to your health, are you on a clear path to turn your vision for your life into reality? Let me back that up a hot minute. Do you HAVE a vision for your health? Is your vision inspiring? Does it motivate you to keep going? The business world teaches…

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A Common Sense Weight Loss Approach from Proverbs

A Common-Sense Approach Have you ever thought about the Bible as offering a common sense approach to weight loss? Just like answers to every other challenge in life, it’s in there. We use the name Weight Loss, God’s Way because I truly believe that a biblical approach to weight loss is the best route. We…

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It’s My “Birfday!”

It's My Birfday

It’s My “Birfday!” Me singing, “Go Cathy, it’s my birfday, go it’s my birfday!!” 🎉🎉 I’m basking in a spirit of love and gratitude on my birthday today. I want you to know that I am soooooo grateful that you are part of my life, even if it may only ever be through cyberspace. May the…

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Focus Friday: Your Mindset Matters

Mindset to Begin and Sustain What gets you through tough workouts, or really anything you don’t want to do? For me, mindset matters. I recently released 86 pounds and went from a size 18 to a 6. Every step of the way my thought process changed to get me to the next point, or sustain…

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