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Perhaps the best part of this book is your free entry into the challenge.

Taking the Challenge is one of the best ways to skyrocket your success.

People who take the challenge consistently do much better than people who read the book by itself.

Going through the principals of the book with a group of motivated people like yourself is the best way to do it.


It includes:

  1.  My fat-burning 7 day meal plan
  2.  Companion Workbook (for ebook users)
  3. My popular 20 minute exercise video
  4.  A 30 day daily 1-2 sentence devotional to keep you inspired
  5.  My Getting Started checklist to prime you for success
  6.  Exclusive access to my newsletters
  7. Access into the Weight Loss God's Way Challenge Facebook Group

También en español

Plan de comidas, lista de control, y el libro también está disponible en español. Ir a acceso.

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