Looking to God Alone for your Strength

Day 15 of my Isagenix cleanse. I am so much more conscious of the food commercials. They actually want us to believe that we will have the perfect life once we drink coca-cola, eat at McDonald’s or try new calorie reduced Bud Light. We are drowning in a sea of images either related to food…

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I Almost Tackled a 7 Year Old for her Donught!

Day 10 of my Isagenix cleanse It’s day 10 of my Isagenix cleanse and I want to tackle this 7 year old girl sitting beside me eating a Tim Horton’s chocolate donught. It’s like she’s taunting me !! Obviously, my sweet cravings have not yet passed but I’m determined to get to the bottom of…

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Will You Give Thanks This Thanksgiving?

Take the time and give thanks for your bountiful harvest. Yesterday my client and I swapped Thanksgiving celebration stories. Her idea of a great day was preparing a simple meal (1 meat dish) and enjoying the day playing outside with her children. We compared that with the traditional Thanksgiving meals where our parents spent all…

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