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Weight Loss, God's Way Challenge Testimonials

Meg Anderson Meg Anderson

“I loved this challenge and the Weight Loss, God’s Way book and recipe book.

I am a practical person, and I need practical advice. Rather then merely talk platitudes, Cathy Morenzie identified specific shortcomings and bad habits that were standing in my way of managing my health. Using biblical principals, Cathy challenged me to honestly face my role in my previous failures and bad habits.

I am down 17 pounds in the past three months and plan to continue on this path until I reach a healthy weight.

Thank you, Cathy, for keeping it real and honest, and for helping me to see the potential I have in Christ. You are a blessing to me!”

Lauri Williamson Lauri Williamson

“The 21 day challenge changed my life.

I have suffered the from sin of overeating and yo-yo dieting for years. I am an otherwise active and outgoing person but no one who knows me would ever suspect my constant struggle with food.

Through this challenge I learned to break through the chains that were holding me back and focus on God’s Promises and how he wants me to live the best possible life. The lessons are clear and focused, with some great humor thrown in.

I lost about 10 pounds during the 21 day challenge, and am still “releasing weight” as I continue to study God’s word.

The program continues to bless me.”

Denise Ashby Denise Ashby

“I joined and started the 21 day challenge the day I moved house and started a new job! It was going to be a challenge to commit to the challenge! But I am so glad I did!

In fact it was just what I needed to help me get back on track on my weight loss journey. I really enjoyed receiving the daily email which motivated me to dig deeper into the why and how I have struggled previously to look at this process in a way that will be life changing.

I wish that it could have gone longer!"

Debra Davis Debra Davis

“I have been gaining weight or maintaining for 9 months, and I was getting anxious and frustrated.

I took the 21 day challenge, and so many things resonated with me. The challenge really challenged my thinking. I made commitments, and with God’s help have kept them.

I lost 6 pounds, it’s not a huge amount! I am so grateful to the lord and to Cathy for the challenge, wisdom, and just plain fun approach to this difficult topic.

I would highly recommend buying the book and recipe book as well so you can keep doing it after the 21 day challenge is over.”

About Cathy Morenzie

Christian Weight Loss Coach

My mission is to inspire you to live your passions and fulfill your God-given purpose, unencumbered by the bondage of poor health.

A healthy weight and lifestyle is a choice that you can experience to the fullest. It’s about living the life you were meant to live—one that will glorify God and inspire others to live their best.

As a personal trainer for 30 years, I have logged over 20,000 coaching hours in the health and wellness field.  Through my Healthy by Design books and programs I've helped thousands of women to lose weight, and learn how to keep it off.  I’m blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned with you too.

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