Coaching Policies and Procedures

Welcome! I am delighted to be your coach and look forward to coaching from where you are now to where you want to be. Your commitment to this process reflects a mature decision towards reclaiming your health, peace, and joy. Whether you’re addressing situations that are current or those prompted by past events, coaching can be helpful in suggesting you grow and heal one step at a time.

The following information is provided to ensure that you are empowered to participate fully in a plan that honors your uniqueness and individual needs. Please know that if you have any questions regarding these, we can discuss them further.


You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your health. These changes will sometimes happen fast, and sometimes not as fast. Because change happens over time, your commitment will be for one year. This allows the coaching relationship to develop and be powerful. And when the going gets tough, we stay in collaboration and work through to the other side.

As your coach, you have my word that I’m 100% committed to you being powerful, successful, and to have the life you want.

Investment and Deliverables

Program Deliverables. The full cost of the program is $4,997 and you agree to make payment in full or agree to the installment plan.  Upon payment, you then receive  access to the following program deliverables:


Twelve Month Accelerate Coaching Program: 


Unless we make arrangements to meet in person or via video-conferencing,  you will call into the conference call line  (Call in #(425) 436-6397 —Access code-3484640) at our scheduled appointment time


Our agreement includes 4 sessions per month for 30 min. in duration of 6 months followed by 6 follow-up monthly sessions. Ideally, we find a time that works consistently for both of us. If you are on vacation, we will spend more time before you leave or after you return. If I am traveling and we have a session scheduled, I will let you know in advance, and generally, we will either change our appointment time or I will call you while on the road.


Be confident that I will maintain confidentiality regarding anything we have discussed during our sessions.


Rescheduling an appointment is easy with advance notice. If you have an emergency, we’ll work around it. If you must cancel a session, we will make it up by having two sessions in a month, or take extra time during the sessions we do have. Missing an appointment without notice is considered a paid appointment.

Extra Time

Call me between our scheduled sessions if you need a sounding board, have a problem or want to share a success with me. I have time between our regular sessions to speak with you if needed, and I enjoy providing this extra level of service. I do not bill for additional time of this type but ask that you keep the extra sessions to five or 10 minutes, please.

Also, use my email and voicemail as often as you like.


If I ever say or do something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to the session. I promise to make it right for you and do what is necessary to have you be satisfied.


Communications, homework accountability and more can be handled through email. Use it frequently to stay in touch.

My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 647-883-5436.

Next Steps

  1.  Complete coaching agreement and policies and procedures
  2. Make Payment – Scroll all the way down to the very bottom of this page and click on the yellow button.
  3. I will contact you with 2-3 suggested meeting times. Unless otherwise discussed, this will be our consistent time slot on a weekly basis.

Coaching Policies and Procedures

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