Move past all the lies, fears, and insecurities that have stopped you from losing weight, and discover a simple, Christ-centered, common-sense approach to permanent weight loss

Imagine living a year of peace, joy, and freedom, letting go of all your anxiety and trusting the Lord to help you achieve your healthy weight.

Spend one year with God focusing on your health!

It’s now possible with COMMIT 365

 A 12 month online coaching program that shows you how to:

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About Cathy

Weight Release Specialist and Best-Selling Author

Hey Sister!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m humbled to be a best-selling author and my gift to the body of Christ is to help women discover how to  bridge the gap between faith and health.

My commitment to the world is to help you cut through all the weight loss confusion and conflicting information so you can understand how to permanently lose weight, God’s way.

I can tell you from my own personal struggles as a personal trainer for almost 35 years, that knowing what to do is not enough. I had all the training and expertise and still I struggled with emotional eating and binge-eating. It’s only when I learned how to submit this journey to the Lord, that I began to experience freedom. 

If you’ve struggled long enough, make the commitment today to change. Let me walk with you on this Christ-centered journey and show you how. 



Don’t waste another year frustrated with yo-yo dieting.
Achieve different results with a different approach, ...
God's Way.

Now is your time to discover what's been stopping you from achieving your healthy weight.

Thousands of women have already experienced the Weight Loss, God's Way Program.
If you’re ready to live the life you've desired, join today.

“I have released 37 pounds so far. I am totally off my blood pressure medications. I have more energy and no longer wake up with heartburn or panic attacks.” ~ Theresa N. 

Bonus Tools and Worksheets

Each module is loaded with tools:  recipes, workouts, audio prayers and/or worksheets to provide you with all the tools you need for success. 

Live Monthly Coaching and Accountability

Join Cathy live each month for a monthly progress check-in and accountability sessions to keep you focused and moving towards your goals. Engage with other Commit 365 members!

Exclusive Access to the WLGW Membership Program

Get Exclusive Access to WLGW services: i.e. Saturday morning prayer and preparation calls, and weekly group coaching calls. 

12 Modules (Jan-Dec)

Each month access a course, Bible study, or challenge that will give you insights into how to effectively release weight. 

Listen and Learn

Listen to the monthly courses in a downloadable audio format. Take it with you in the car and on the go so you have no excuses.

Prayer Journals

Every module contains a prayer journal that will allow you to capture your thoughts and record how God is speaking to you on this journey. 

About a year ago, God started working on me, granting me little ‘epiphanies’. I realized my battle was more a spiritual one than a physical one—Oh, how the evil one kept me bound in self-loathing.

To date, I have released 32 lbs and currently weigh 164, and my A1C is now well within the normal range! ~ Diane O



Plan Prayerfully

  • Guided discovery of your WORD for the year

  • Use my proven system to create your yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals

  • Participate in a 21-day Christ-focused weight loss devotional 

  • Understand the importance of planning

  • Discover the 5 Principles to Weight Loss, God’s Way

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes Goal Setting Worksheets



Boundaries are blessings

BONUS CONTENT:  Boundaries worksheets, journal and checklists



Healthy Eating, God's Way

Let’s face it, eating can be complicated. This month, you will discover:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes  a 21-Day Challenge and Meal Plan



Rise Up - Get Active, God's Way

Drawing from the Bible story of the infirmed man at the pool of Bethesda, you will:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes a 28-Day Exercise Challenge and Workout Videos



faith in action

Faith in Action will challenge you to live out your Christian walk and demonstrate it in your health by:

BONUS CONTENT:  Faith in Action Worksheets



Spirit-Filled & Sugar-Free

This is a 3-part program that will teach you how to detox your body from sugar and your mind from its toxic thoughts while nourishing your spirit with the Word of God. This month you will:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes Meal Plans and Devotional



Messy in the middle

Losing weight is exciting at the start, messy in the middle, and oh, so rewarding at the end:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes a Mid-Year Assessment



AWARENESS: Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate

Resting is not a suggestion or something that would be nice one day, but something that God commands. Yet, it’s something that seems to elude most of us. This month you’ll discover:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes a Relaxation Workbook



RESILIANCE: Strong Faith, Strong Finish

Limiting beliefs keep us from seeing ourselves as God sees us, which in turn, keeps us from being who He has called us to be. This month you’ll:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes RESET Workbook




This month in this 21-day devotional, challenge, and Bible study you’ll discover:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes the 21-Day Year End Challenge, eBook and Prayer Journal 



THANKFUL -Develop a Heart of Thanksgiving

Don’t let Thanksgiving or the Christmas holiday derail you. This month: 

Study what the Bible has to say about thanksgiving and apply it to your health journey and life.

BONUS CONTENT:  Gratitude Jar and journal



SELF-ESTEEM: Love God, Lose Weight

Until you learn to accept God’s perfect gift of love, everything you do is in vain. In this final month you will:

BONUS CONTENT:  Includes an eBook

What You Will Get:

Almost $6000 Total Value !!!

To summarize … this unbelievable value includes:

Twelve Bible studies and challenges:  Value $1,500

Live Monthly Coaching and Accountability: Value $7,200

1 Year WLGW Membership:  Value $4000 (includes workout library, community and accountability calls, bonus courses and more)

Two Introductory 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Value $600

Program Audio Downloads: Value $192

Prayer Journals: Value $180

Total Value = Over $13,000. 

For ONLY  $997/year, $275/quarter or $97/mth

To break it down, it’s only $2.73 per day—the price of a cup of coffee per day (for a single payment plan)

Discover 12 simple biblical principles and habits for optimal health.

10 Day Free Trial Available for All Packages!

“So far, I have lost 50 pounds and I’m down 36 inches! Everything is easier—walking, cleaning, moving. I also have a lot more energy and stamina.” ~ Gerri V. 

Meet some more spiritually and physically satisfied sisters

 “My relationship with food and God has changed so much. I now can say ‘no’ to my trigger foods. I can sit in a restaurant and not even be feeling tempted to have those items. I’m happy with myself. I no longer see myself as a failure. I have gained the confidence of being the daughter of the King of Kings. I have grown closer to God and lean on Him in newer ways.” ~ Cynthia B. 

“I want to honor God with my food choices now by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole-grains in all forms at least 80% of the time (I’ve learned not to focus on or to expect perfection). And, I look for ways to move more because I understand how important this is for my body, especially as I age. My focus is to take care of His temple. Losing weight is no longer a vanity issue.” ~ Brenda F. 

“Having released 96 pounds, I now like myself better and feel better physically without that extra weight. I now think of food as nourishment only; it no longer controls me. I have food integrity again. Spiritually, Christ is back on the throne [instead of food.” ~ Janet M

If you’ve been on this weight loss roller-coaster for some time now then you’re probably thinking, “I don’t want to ‘waste’ any more money or ‘I’m only going to put the weight back on again.’

I get it. I totally understand your skepticism and you have every reason to be skeptical:

1. I’m offering you a $13,000 program for only $997 which might sound too good to be true, and …

2. The weight loss industry has lied to you too many times

And that’s why I’m offering you my iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee. Try the program risk free for 30-days, and if you’re not happy or if I don’t deliver the results I promise, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

I’ve priced it very low so you have no reason not to participate. After all, the only thing you have to lose is the excess weight and the fears, and the lies and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck. 

You have my word!

“I think the biggest change is in my prayer life. My quiet time in the morning with God is precious to me. I also feel more patient and tenderhearted. I’m happier in my own skin”. ~  Marge F.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What happens after I register?


After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the member’s area. That’s where you’ll receive step-by-step instructions to guide you smoothly through the content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.


Is this a course, Bible study, or challenge?


YES! All the this! Each month you will learn through a variety of formats. The program is designed so, although you will master discipline and consistency, you will never get bored because the material will be provided in a variety of ways.


Is this a diet program?


No, this program is designed to help you achieve your healthy weight through learning how to lean on God to develop consistent habits. Each month you will practice a new habit.


What If I can't stay on top of the lessons—my life is so busy?


We get it. Life is very busy and with vacations or emergencies; it is possible to ‘fall behind.’ Each topic is structured so that if you miss one of the monthly lessons, you can easily jump in the following month. All lessons are also downloadable so you can take them with you and listen to them on your phone or tablet.


What if I'm not happy with the program?


No problem. I offer a full 30-days money-back guarantee. If you invest in COMMIT 365 today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. You have my word on it. (See the certificate above). Just contact us at [email protected] and we will promptly refund your money within 30 days of your purchase date.


Are my credit/debit card details secure?


Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.


Can I get access to the course all at once or only in pieces?


The course is set up to deliver you small-doable bit-sized pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. You will have access to the content one month at a time.


I have another question that I don't see here?


We are here to help. Simply contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For ONLY $997 or $275/quarter

Discover 12 simple biblical principles and habits for optimal health

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