“How do I discern my inner voice from God’s voice?”

God's voice

Last week we had a powerful call with psychotherapist, Colleen Blake-Miller. Here are 3 great questions that came up during our call that I pray will bless you also.

Question 1- If you have an emotional stronghold with food, how do you get past that and fully submit to God?

A stronghold isn’t something you ‘get past’.  You must seek deliverance from God. This could happen with the support of others, but whether on your own or with others supporting you, you must commit the issue to God in prayer, you must read up on what God’s word says on the matter (i.e. food) and exercise various spiritual disciplines with the faith that God will deliver you at some point from that strong hold. Some of the spiritual disciplines include: prayer, fasting, meditation, scripture memorization, silence and solitude.

Question 2- One thing I have trouble with is discerning MY inner voice from God’s voice.  How do I know it’s God telling me to do something?

God speaks through various forms.  His word, through people, through nature and in our hearts to name a few.  When we are unsure if we are actually hearing from God the first place you need to turn is to the Word (the Bible).  God’s word is clear, and if what you ‘think’ God is saying conflicts with the Bible, then you can be sure the ‘voice’ you are hearing/feeling is NOT from God.  I also find that when I get a sense of peace in my spirit on a particular issue that is a sign that I’m in line with where God is leading.  It’s impossible to have TRUE peace, when you are walking out of line with God’s leading.

Question 3- How does one not lose heart/focus in true submission to God when life gets heavy?

I don’t think it’s possible to not ‘lose heart’. I think that feelings of discouragement, confusion, frustration and losing heart is all a part of the journey of life.  We need to expect and prepare for it.  One of the best ways to guard against and help ourselves out of this type of discouragement is by renewing your mind with the word of God daily.  Garbage in equals garbage out, good, true, and Godly messages in, and that’s what will come out during times of crisis.

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