Healthy by Design-4-03

Join us on this incredible journey to health, hope and wholeness.


What is this program about?

Healthy by Design’s Haven is a private, membership program designed to help Christian women (and enlightened men) continue on their successful weight releasing journey after graduating from the Weight Loss, Gods Way 21 Day Challenge.


Why Should I Join?

If you were blessed from the Weight Loss, God’s Way 21 Day Challenge then you will love this program. Where the 21 Day Challenge introduced you to key principals, this program will go deep and cover of the core 21 principals (and MORE!) in depth including new exercises, scripture studies, webinars, guest speakers and live Q&A sessions! This will allow the principles to become engrained in your mind and spirit in your day to day life.


How Long is the Program?

This is an ongoing program with new discussion topics introduced every two weeks.  We currently have a full year’s worth of discussion material planned but likely that will only grow as we continually seek to provide for the needs of our members.


What do I Get?

For only $37.97 per month you get:

You get 25+ health, faith and weight loss related topics which will be introduced (and then archived for you to return to anytime) throughout the year.

Bi-monthly live Q&A sessions

Monthly quality guest speakers

Bi-weekly health challenges or lesson plans

Supplemental prayers and posts

Participation in a very active private discussion group

Weekly access to my expertise

Workout videos


How do I Register?

To register, go to and request to join.  Once your payment has been verified, you will be added to the group.  It may take 24 hours for you to be added so please be patient.


How do I Pay?

You can pay for a 1-year membership in advance and receive a special discount or you can pay on a month to month basis. Payment is made through Paypal or via credit card.  Go to to join.


What are the Pre-Requisites?

You must have completed the Healthy by Design 21 Day Challenge Program in order to participate in this membership program.


What are the Expectations?

Each potential member must have completed the Healthy by Design 21 Day Challenge at least once. Members must also have read and agreed to the commitment declaration before starting in the program.  It is expected that members will actively participate in discussions, find and use an accountability partner, to complete assigned discussion topic exercises and to set and be accountable for weight loss goals.  These expectations are for your benefit and to help ensure your success.


How Much does it Cost?

The cost of the program is $19.97 per month or $197 for an entire year (an 18% savings) if you pay for the entire year in advance.


What if I Can’t Make a Session?

All live webinars and Q&A sessions will be recorded and available in the archives for you to watch/listen to at anytime.


Will My Information be Private?

This group will always remain private and all of our conversations and communication will be 100% confidential.


What if I Want to Cancel?

We will be sorry to see you go but you are under no obligation to continue and can cancel at any time.  If you cancel within the first 30 days of joining you will be entitled to receive your initial payment refunded (either $19.97 monthly or $197 for yearly service) as per the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  After the first 30 day period, you will not be refunded any paid amounts but can continue to access the group and all content therein until the end of your currently billed period ends.


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