How to Pray the RIGHT Prayers and Ask God the RIGHT Questions.

Trying to Lose Weight? Instead of asking short-sighted and dis-empowering questions, ask the Holy Spirit questions that God is bound by his Word to answer.

I have to admit that I don’t always feel like my prayers are being heard by God.  It’s very frustrating to say the least but in one of my devotions  this week, I paid attention and  noticed my familiar, desperate prayers and very familiar pattern of questions I constantly ask both myself and God.  My questions to God are similar  to the questions I hear in the our Weight Loss Challenge Group. Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?

‘What’s wrong with me?’ or ‘Why can’t I lose weight? Or what about your prayers, ‘Help me over-come my emotional eating’ or ‘Help me to resist temptation’?

Many of these questions and prayers are dis-empowering and short-sighted and can actually have the opposite effect because they can reinforce all the bad things you’re already feeling and believing about yourself.

These types of questions only skim the surface of what’s really going on with you and your mind will only search it’s shallow memory banks for answers instead of seeking after God for the deeper truths.

Unfortunately, the answers you will receive come from your own intellect, not God, and often only produce more feelings of guilt, shame and failure.

Instead, ask the Holy Spirit questions that God is bound by his Word to answer. His answers bring encouragement, peace, joy, freedom and hope.

When you ask God a question, the Holy Spirit seeks to find real and tangible ways to answer it. He makes no assumptions and has no limitations (like we do) and is free to explore all the possibilities.

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

1. Don’t ask:

“Why can’t I stop myself from eating these foods?”


“What does my body need right now to feel good?”

2. Don’t Ask: 

“Why can’t I control myself?”


“God, how can I come under your control? How can I decrease while you increase? “

3. Don’t Pray:

“Help me to stop emotional eating.”


“Show me what emotions am I stuffing and how can I draw closer to you instead of food.”

4. Don’t Pray:

“Help me to lose weight.”


“Teach me how to rely on you instead of food”

5. Don’t pray or ask:

“To take away your desire or cravings”

Pray and Ask:

“For the strength to experience His transforming power which is stronger than any desire or craving “

These inquiring questions and heart-felt prayers will lead to deeper insight into what’s really going on within you instead of making you feel bad about yourself. They will also turn your attention to Christ and not on yourself and your own (in)abilities. Once the Holy Spirit has led you to your answers, be sure to write them down and most importantly act on them.

Praying these powerful prayers will also prevent you from unknowingly searching for answers in your own strength which is what we naturally tend to do when we pray these guilt-ridden prayers.

Remember, this weight-releasing journey you’re on is not really about the number on the scale or what size jeans you can fit into. It’s about learning how to live for God and not food (proverbs 23:2); learning how to discipline your body and bring it under submission to God (1 Corinthians 9:27) ; he wants you to live in peace and joy (Romans 14:7); he wants you live in freedom that came through his son (John 8:36 ); and to trust him alone (Psalm 9:10).  All of these lessons will be learned when you seek God and understand his transforming power and stop relying on our own intellect and human abilities. Open yourself to his leading  and direction as he helps you pursue life as an over-comer.

Have a powerful prayerful week,