You scored vs Fear of Success.

This appears to be a stronghold in your life and may be limiting your ability to achieve the weight loss you seek.

You’re fairly confident in your abilities, but you balk at the pressure of maintaining success once you have it. You know that your achievements will breed higher expectations, and you worry that you won’t be able to meet them. You may even be experiencing what psychologists call impostor syndrome, the fear that those around you will discover you’re not really as talented or competent as they think.

Here are some characteristics of how fear of success can stop you from reaching your weight loss goals. 

  • I have worked so hard to lose weight, yet I need to keep on working hard; I’m not sure the effort is worth it.
  • I know people care about me when I am down and insecure, but will they like me when I am confident and more sure of myself?
  • How can people like me if I succeed in reaching all my goals in life?
  • I can’t sustain the momentum I would need to achieve my weight loss goals.

If this sounds like you and want to learn a step by step strategy to help you start losing weight without being stopped by this fear then be sure to register be for  the  5 Simple Steps to Unlocking your Perfect Weight  Course coming April 15, 2014.


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