Whether your goal is weight loss or any other goal, follow these simple but powerful biblical principles…

There’s popular saying that ‘the best predictor of future behaviour is your past behaviour.’

Hmmm, if that’s the case then I might as well throw away all of my New Year’s resolutions I make every year. Actually, they’re not really resolutions—they’re more like action steps…but nevertheless… can I really start each New Year afresh?

I think back to my ‘action steps’ I implemented last year. Some of them I moved forward on but some of them lasted only until about March and some I was able to stick to until April or May.

If your goal was to lose weight, did your goals suffer the same sad fate as some of mine?
Before I made any resolutions this year I sought to find some biblical principles to learn about how to make resolutions and to see if I can REALLY start over.
I’m led to the disciple Peter’s life to learn a thing or two about really starting over. I see myself in Peter because one day he’s on fire and the next day he’s cold as ice. One day he trusts God in all he does and the next day he denies him.

Maybe you can see yourself in Peter too, but the good news is that with God,Peter learns how to start over.
You would think that being a disciple and being in Christ’s presence intimately, that Peter would ‘get it.’ (Funny though, that’s the same thing I say about myself.) Yet Peter was a walking contradiction. He chose to follow Christ and loved him yet , he denied Him ( Mark 14:66-72);sank when he took his eyes off Him ( (Mt. 14:28); was impulsive ( Mt. 17:24-27 and the list can go on and on about the inconsistencies in Peter’s behaviours. I’m sure, like us he often wondered if he would ever get it right—if he would continue to frustrate himself for the rest of his life.

However, fast-forward to the book of Acts and we begin to see a different Peter emerging. People begin to take notice of his boldness and change in character. (Acts 4:13). The Spirit of God becomes so strong in Peter that his shadow alone has the power to heal people (Acts 5:16) Peter went on to become a recognized leader among Jesus’ disciples.
So, to answer to my original question, ‘can I really start over’ is a resounding YES. As we learn with Peter ( and ourselves), it’s not always an easy process and it’s not instantaneous but it is possible.

Jesus accepted Peter in spite of his failure and Peter went on to do great things.
So how do we apply this to our goal setting in 2010. Whether your goal is weight loss or any other goal, follow these simple but biblical principles:

• Keep alert and pray ( Matt. 26:40)
• Rely on God and God alone only to help your reach your goals ( Acts 2:25-28)

Peter may not have known the type of man he would develop into but God knew. He called Peter a rock and prophesied that he would build his church upon him (Matt. 16:18).
This same principle holds true for us, know and believe that while we may feel stuck and frustrated, God knows our future and He will also do great things for us as he did for Peter.

So go into 2010 knowing that despite your past failures and set-backs, God will help you reach all of your goals.


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