You scored in the Fear of Failure section.

Your fear of failure  may be playing a part in you weight loss struggles.

Here are some characteristics of how fear of failure can stop you from reaching your weight loss goals.

People with a fear of failure are terrified of stepping outside their comfort zone. When they don’t succeed, they say, “I’m a failure,” rather than “I failed at this”. The thought of failure can be debilitating and prevents them from taking action.

When it come to weight loss, you:

  • are  afraid to start a diet because you don’t think that you will be able to succeed
  • may you may hold on to ‘fat-clothes’ in case you gain the weight back
  • may you may spend a lot of time researching health and fitness related materials but never taking action
  • may make a lot of excuses about why you can’t lose weight

If this sounds like you and want to learn a step by step strategy to help you start losing weight without being stopped by this fear then be sure to register for  our Breakthrough program.


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