You scored in the  Fear of Trust assessment

This appears to be a stronghold in your life and may be limiting your ability to achieve the weight loss you seek.

People who let this fear dominate them have difficulty in either trusting other people, trusting themselves and/or trusting God. They tend to want to do everything themselves or conversely, always rely on other people and seldom take responsibility for their own actions. They can be very strong in many areas but in others, they don’t want to release control or submit. They can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of change, and worry that if they follow their heart, they will risk everything.

Here are some characteristics of how fear of trust/control can stop you from reaching your weight loss goals.

  • “I can’t control myself, I have to eat”
  • ” My will-power will work this time”
  • ” I don’t feel like it”
  • “If its got to be, its up to me”


If this sounds like you and want to learn a step by step strategy to help you start losing weight without being stopped by this fear then be sure to register for  our Breakthrough Program.


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