How to Lose 5 Pounds in 21 Days (and Keep It Off)


Did you know that you need to get rid of an additional 3,500 calories in order to lose 1 pound of weight? It may sound like a lot, but when you learn what you can do each day to make it a reality, then it may not seem as overwhelming.

In this round of our monthly 21 Day Challenge, our returning members who have already learned the basic principles of submitting their weight loss to God, are now able to accelerate their weight loss by now learning what they have to do to burn those extra calories. This time around however, they are not being stopped by their limiting beliefs about themselves. You see, many of us sincerely want to lose weight but our subconscious programming keeps us stuck at the same weight, yo-yoing in weight or even slightly increasing each year.

If you’ve done the work and cleared out your limiting beliefs, then here’s how you burn those calories.

Here is the math to burn 5 pounds in 21 days:

1 pound of fat equals 3,500 calories

To lose 5 pounds = 17, 500 calories

You will have to decrease caloric intake by 833 calories per day to lose 1 pound every 4 days.

The best way to do this is by a combination of decreasing your caloric intake as well as increasing your physical activity levels.

To decrease your caloric intake, you should use a calorie counter to help you determine how many calories you are consuming. The two calorie counters I like best are ‘My Fitness Pal’ and ‘Spark People’.

Remember, that losing weight is a process that starts with God, so don’t try to go out and lose 5 pounds in your own strength or the weight will just find you again. Once you’ve submitted your weight loss to God, here are some tips to help you release 5 pounds in just 21 days:


1. Get Active

Various types of physical activity can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! 3-5 exercise bouts in one week alone can burn up to 1 pound and that’s without changing anything else. Your exercise routine should include some weight training which will increase your lean muscle mass which at the end of the day will help you burn more fat. For a complete list of Calorie expenditure in various type of physical activity check out this link.


2. Eat In

You would be surprised at the amount of calories and fat that are in even the simplest of foods when you eat out. Why else does restaurant and fast-foods taste so good?. The portions also tend to be larger and we go for the extras that we wouldn’t go for if we were eating at home. Next thing you know, that simple 500 calorie meal can easily be turn into a 1500 calorie fat fest.

If you plan on eating out then take some time and plan in advance. Look at the menu on line or call ahead to find out what some healthier options for you would be.


3. Sweat the Small Stuff

Do you have sugar in your coffee? How about ketchup and mayonnaise on your sandwich? 20 calories here and 50 calories there all add up to big numbers at the end of the week. Keep a food journal for a week and track all of the calories you consume. If you cut back on 350 calories a day in extras then you would lose 1 pound per week. How many ways of can you think of each day to save a few calories here and there?

4. Drink Lots of Water

When you’re trying to lose weight, drinking water is a must.

We often misinterpret thirst for hunger so drinking water can help keep you full and prevent you from consuming excess calories.

Drinking water helps to speed up your metabolism which will help your body to burn more calories. Inversely, dehydration can slow down your metabolism.

Try replacing your regular beverage with water and save a few hundred calories each day


5. Cut your Carb. Count

Many of us are addicted to carbs; bagels for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, pasta for dinner, not to mention the donuts and other sweet treats. Many of the carbohydrates we consume provide very little nutritional value, and high amounts of preservatives, sugar and calories. Carbohydrates also give our bodies the Pillsbury doughboy look which only looks good on the Pillsbury dough boy. If you’re going to have carbohydrates in your meals make sure they’re whole grain. For a leaner look and a quick win, try cutting out your carbohydrates from at least 1 meal; preferably lunch or dinner. You could do this by replacing your rice or pasta with a large plate of steamed vegetable. This alone could save 200+ calories a day.

Losing 5 pounds in 21 days is not as hard as you might think if you follow my plan of decreasing your caloric intake while increasing your activity level. Why not give it a try?

If you’re really ready to lose 5 pounds or more,  join us on our next 21 Day Challenge click here sign up: 21 Day Challenge


Enjoy the rest of your week.


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