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“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

DO WHAT YOU LOVEYesterday we talked about living in integrity and defined it as believing, thinking and acting in alignment with who God created you to be.

Living in integrity takes into account your God given personality, interests, values  and strengths. Have you thought about how you live each day?

When we live our daily lives in alignment with our values it feel right, we feel at peace and we are productive, motivated and inspired to be our best.

It’s even more fun when  you can align your health with your values, then, being healthy is not work, effort or something to dread.  As you remain aligned, in time, being healthy will become a natural extension of who you are as a woman of God. But first you must understand what your core values are.

For today, complete the Haven Values Assessment  if you have not done so and share your 5 top values with the group; then share how at least 1 of them can be incorporated into your health and weight release program.

THEN Spend some time today and be proactive about living from one of your core values . If you’re creative, engage  in an activity that will spark your creativity. It might be as simple as doodling a picture.  If you value enjoyment, how will you reflect it in your life today? What about gratitude? Peace or faith?

Think of some of the things you do where you’re so engrossed in it that you don’t have a care in the world. It may be worshipping, spending time with a loved one, painting, serving, hiking or even parenting.

Share one thing that you will do today. Don’t overthink it or over-spiritualize this activity. God has already given you natural abilities and desires that just flow naturally for you.  Share it in the group today.

Hint: When you live from your values, there won’t be any time left to worry or obsess about your weight so let’s pray for the desire to do more of what we love everyday!

Share your summary:

In the Facebook group ( for Haven small group members only) Your values

In the forum  (for e-course members only)- Your values –

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