Scripture Reflection

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

“Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.” ~Col. 2:821175518_blog

I wish there were an easy way to stop our limiting beliefs, but just like our weight releasing
journey, there are no quick fixes. What’s encouraging though is that once you begin identifying your limiting beliefs and putting the right tools in place, the Holy Spirit will continue to open the eyes of your understanding so that you can minimize the effect that your B.S. (belief systems) will have on your health and your life.

To recap, limiting beliefs are negative, ingrained thoughts, thinking patterns or systems that we hold about ourselves, our world around us and God. They developed as a result of something that was done or said to us, usually in our childhood. As a result they limit our ability to live the abundant life Christ died for us to live.

Sadly, many of us Christians continue to live under a barrage of limiting  beliefs. We live as if there is no power in God’s Word, or if there is, it applies to others but it’s too far out of reach for us to grasp. Or, we put parameters on what we must do or who we must be to be worthy of it.

What limiting beliefs have taken you captive? What thoughts, feelings, beliefs or anxieties consume you and prevent you from taking action? Your goal over the next few days is to be conscious of your limiting beliefs.  Keep a pen and paper handy, or track it on your phone, and just notice what some of your beliefs are.

Remember that they are not necessarily lies or falsehoods. In fact, they can be facts but the question is, are they limiting you? You can categorize them into beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world/others, and beliefs about God.

As you do this exercise, please refrain from judging yourself or making these beliefs mean anything. The rest of the Haven Program will be focused on learning and strategies to overcome these beliefs so your only assignment for this week is to NOTICE them. 

Here is a list to start you off:

Limiting Beliefs About Yourself- Deep rooted assumptions about your own abilities, talents or resources that sabotage your success. They include phrases like:

•    “I’m too old for this.”

•    “I can’t help it, I’m just big-boned.”

•    “I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator.”

•    “I guess I  just don’t have the willpower.”

•    “I’m a quitter. I never finish what I start.”

Limiting Beliefs About People – Deep rooted assumptions about other people or about the world in general can also impact our own success. They can lead us to think that other people or circumstances are blocking our success. They include phrases like:

•    “Why bother, they won’t listen to me anyway.”

•    “What does she know?”

•    “They’re too advanced for me”

•    “She’s too overweight  to be a marathon runner.”

•    “She hasn’t responded, I guess she’s mad at me.

•    “Overweight people have slow metabolisms”

•    “Wanting to be an ideal weight is vanity.”

•    “You can’t successfully lose weight without restricting your calories.”

Limiting Beliefs about God and faith – Deep rooted assumptions about God also impact our own success. They limit God’s ability to act in our lives because we either fail to go to Him or we go to Him with false assumptions. They include phrases like:

•    “I can’t keep sinning and going to God.”

•    “God knows my heart so I don’t need to tell Him what He already knows.”

•    “God can not bless my mess.”

•    “If I’m a Christian then I should….”

•    “If only I had more faith, then God would answer my prayers .”

•    “If God is so powerful then…”


Share some of your limiting beliefs from the 3 categories:

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