Tired of Gaining Weight Over the Christmas Holidays?

Be Filled with the Spirit instead!

Note: The bible study will run during the Advent season from December 1st to December 23rd.

Receiving God's Love Devotional by Cathy Morenzie

Christmas can be super stressful! Shopping, cooking, wrapping, visiting & hosting, countless social demands, church services, family issues and more!

It can feel like an overwhelming season with the pressure to make it perfect, to purchase (and afford) all the gifts, to be the perfect hostess and cook, and to be the peacekeeper of the family!

WHEW! Who wouldn’t cry out, “Praise the Lord and pass the Haggen-Daz ice cream!”

For years, around Christmas I'd gain at least 5 pounds (ok, closer to 10) . I used it as an excuse to break all of my boundaries with the promise that I'd restart my diet on January 1st. With the seasonal holiday stress, I’d over extend myself and over-eat until I feel stuffed.

This year, stop stuffing yourself with succulent feasts and treats and think about this...

WHAT IF you could reduce or eliminate those natural, yet negative, feelings and reach total peace & comfort by being filled with Holy Spirit instead?

It' s possible when you focus of faith, and not food.

When you seek the giver of the ultimate gift, more than the gift.

And when you celebrate the reason for the season without falling into all of the worldly trappings.

Join us as we engage in a deeper understanding of God's love for us during the Christmas season.

Receiving God's Love, 21-Day Devotional that will take you deep into experiencing God's love first hand. 

God’s love can satisfy the deepest cravings

God’s love motivates you when you feel weak and lack will-power

God’s love comforts us when we've broken our boundaries

God’s love gives us peace and joy when we feel overwhelmed and out of control

God’s love inspires us to see our bodies as His temple

God’s love compels us to love and accept our bodies.

Our freedom and peace is found in God's love.

As we learn to give and receive it, we don't have to waste time stressing out about surviving the holidays. When love is the foundation of all we do, the Holy Spirit will strip everything else away—including your cravings and out of control emotions. What will be left is a season of gratitude, peace, joy, and love rooted in a wonderful relationship with our heavenly Father.

5 Reasons to Sign Up

  • You long for Christmas to be more peaceful and meaningful this year– more than just over-eating, over-spending and over-extending yourself- it's does not have to be this way when you change your focus.
  • You want to bring the joy back to Christmas, or you've never experienced it before. This devotional will allow you to focus on your faith, not food during the holidays.
  • You made promises that this is the year that you would lose weight and you did not accomplish your goal- It's still possible by receiving God's gift of love, the only true path to total health-- body, soul and spirit.
  • You want to prepare yourself to truly enjoy the holiday season. This study will put you the right frame of mind so you can truly appreciate the reason for the season and actually lose weight in the process.
  • You want to learn how to love and accept yourself more so you can learn to live a healthier and happier life. This study will offer you simple, practical daily love challenges.


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