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In these unprecedented times, we need to find rest in the Lord.

Did you know that stress contributes to weight gain?

Do you want to make time to rest in the Lord even with a busy schedule?

It's an insightful and hands-0n course to give your new tools, strategies, and mindsets so you can find rest in the Lord.


I thoroughly enjoyed this devotional course on Rest, Restored and Rejuvenated as well as the relaxation exercises, several of which I have incorporated into my daily lifestyle. I felt that not only did this course bring me closer to GOD but much closer to rest and peace. It was the daily time with HIM and self reflection that left me feeling serene and ready to tackle the day before me with a renewed sense of HIS presence and quietness about me. LOVED IT!!!!

The Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate (RRR) Course is perfect for you if you’re always feeling rushed, anxious, or stressed. Or, if you’ve been trying to lose weight, but are not seeing any results.

It will also help you to draw closer to the Lord and learn how to REST in Him. 

By enrolling in RRR today, you will discover how to:

This course is full of useful ideas and inspiring prayers. I like the option of the audio files. I listen to them on the go to review what I read earlier. I struggle with taking time to rest so this is a very helpful study for me. I hope to go back and review and also practice the ideas. Deep breathing is really helping me. I also appreciate the reminder to use journaling and prayer to destress. Very practical!

Too busy to take a break? - But know you need it? THIS Program IS for YOU!

This program calmed me and filled my life with peace. I was reminded that being busy constantly is not a requirement, but spending time with God is if I want to experience the rest and peace that He offers. I find that many moments in my days feel sacred because I’m so much more aware of giving them to God and living to honor Him. I have written down all the relaxation suggestions on note cards, and have them in my “toolbox” to remind me of ways to relax and realign. This was a fantastic course! I highly recommend it!

Experience these benefits as you:

'Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate' Course and Devotional

Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate is a virtual online course that's super easy!

I love the devotions and focus for this course. It really helped me to re-align with who I am am in Christ and to focus on what is important. I am am not completely where I should be with this, but I am definitely improving. Thank you Cathy!

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This lesson has helped me focus on what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. Especially during troubles when I don't express myself but keep holding things within me and eating but giving difficult situations over to Jesus and leaving them there. I have learned relaxation exercises to incorporate into my daily life. I also have affirmations when things don't go the way I have planned. Thanks for putting this together.

The Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate Course starts Monday, August 2nd!

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God has created us as tripartite beings. Body, Soul, Spirit. Your body indicates the health of your soul and spirit. These physical exercises will help you calm your soul and realign your spirit.

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Our theme and inspiration for this course is in Matthew 11:28-30: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Jesus invites us to rest in Him. He promises us rest from all burdens that weigh us down. He promises us love, healing, and peace with God when we partner with Him and allow Him to do the heavy lifting.

Let’s do this together as a community of Christian women, committed to changing our lives for His Glory!

We know you'll love it - Guaranteed!

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Hundreds of women have been blessed by our Weight Loss, God’s Way Program by losing weight and growing closer to God, and the word is spreading! But don’t take our word for it—our members share their thoughts below.

We know a yearlong commitment is a lot to ask, but we’re so confident that you will love it, we’ll fully refund your money if you’re not totally satisfied.

Deep and reflective

Loved this course. Very therapeutic. I saw myself in so many of the examples I never realized that I was like that and the reasons that I was like that. And once I was able to reflect on my behaviors and what was behind them I was able to see a big picture and start healing. So now I am on the road it to a healthier mind body and soul simply because I see myself differently now and I appreciate myself more and judge myself a lot less now. My perspective on life is totally different and I will be prayerfully working toward transforming into who God made me to be I’m so thankful to God for directing me to this course. So thankful for Cathy Morenzie and her God-given “gifts” of healing!

Deidre H

Holistic healing

I started this Weight Loss God’s Way journey at the end of January, 2018, with almost 60kg extra weight to release. I have struggled with food and weight all my adult life and have been on many diets. I managed to lose weight on some of these but always regained it and then some. This journey feels quite different- more sustainable, one small change at a time and stripping away the denial and excuses that have taken me back to overeating and weight gain time and time again. To date, I have released 24.1kg but that is not the big change. My thinking is changing and my attitude to exercise, to foods I couldn’t live without and my willingness to commit to one change at a time and to keep looking at the emotional and spiritual roots of my idolatry of food and persevere through the gradual process of allowing God to heal me. I am not hurrying to lose the lot as I did in past diets – it’s about the process more than the number on the scale. I’m so grateful for each day of this journey and for all I’m learning about myself and about my relationship with Jesus.

Verna P

Overcoming Guilt

I began to learn how to eat healthy and balanced meals and most importantly, eliminate binge eating. I learned how to do it versus running from diet to diet; I created a positive and healthy lifestyle for myself. I found a different path of peace, hope, gentleness; less perfection and more effectiveness.

Kelli Simone

When all hope was lost

I have tried every weight loss program around. I even tried numerous weight loss Bible studies; as I recongnized my sinful ways and need for divine deliverance. I have struggled with overeating and emotional eating all my life. After another day of complete utter failure at trying to stop my bad habits I was looking online for yet another Bible study to help deliver me. Then “stumbled” onto the WLGW program. It sounded like exactly what I needed. I was scared to open myself up to others in the group and scared of failing again, but what other choice did I have? I could no longer live in sin nor eat myself to an early death. So I join WLGW and it’s been truly life changing! People say “life changing” all the time but this was the first time in 30 yrs I could say something is really changing me in the food area. I have hope again. I see God transforming me like never before. The combination of Cathy’s practical advice, biblical direction, challenges, and accountability is the “perfect storm” I needed to destroy my strong holds! I can’t thank Cathy, Preston, and all the WLGW people enough! When all my hope was lost, my loving Father brought me here. Thank you Jesus!

Victoria S

A great stepping stone

I came into the 21 Day Challenge thinking I already knew the basics of losing weight and didn’t expect to get much out of it. But this is a program unlike any others I’ve tried. Cathy helped me for the first time, really access what’s caused me to go-to diet since fifth grade. For the first time, I’m addressing issues I have with self-image, bitterness, and self control and learning what God has to say about all of it. This truly is a spiritual journey not just a physical one!