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Want to lose weight and have more energy this Spring?

Do you want to finally stop saying I should exercise and actually do it?!

If so… We invite you to be one of the first to enroll and join us today…..

It’s a fun-filled challenge to help you get active.


People whisper to me, “Did you have the surgery?”

I started with you around 230 lbs and now I am floating between 145 and 147. I… Read more

- Faye W.

The RISE UP Challenge is perfect for you if you’ve been putting off exercise or if you’ve been exercising but feel stuck in a rut. It’s also great if you want to speed up your weight loss.

Enroll and RISE UP today. Discover how to:

I’ve lost 70 lbs in WLGW

I just wanted to send you a praise report.… Read more

- Gladys H

HATE Exercise (but know you need it?)

THIS Challenge IS for YOU!


NO crazy diets & cravings and NO ‘killer’ workouts or sweaty gyms.
Simple easy activity with faith-based affirmations & fellowship.

I’m being changed and it’s a miracle!

I don’t track food, I don’t weigh myself very… Read more

- Geri P

Experience these RISE UP benefits as you:

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Enroll and RISE UP today. Discover how to:

I Love this Program!

I feel so encouraged by the information that’s being provided. I…

Remonia E.

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The LAST DAY to register is April 5th.

I’m currently only 1.5 pounds away from my goal weight!

[Without WLGW] I wouldn’t have understood myself and why I’ve been struggling all these years with my weight.

Brenda F.

Incredible for me!

My biggest change was to enjoy excercise! Incredible for me! I…

Sinai De la Rosa

RISE UP! Get-Active Challenge starts Monday April 4th for 28 days!

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BONUS #1. The RISE UP Daily Meal Plan

You’ll get an amazing and yummy 21-day low-carb meal plan. Then you’ll never have to wonder about what to eat.

BONUS #2. - 2 LIVE Master Classes

Join Coach Lynette on April 5th and April 19th for 2 LIVE video Masterclasses. Stay engaged and discover the “habit hacks” to stay active long after the challenge is over!

BONUS #3. Super Simple Healthy Snack Ideas

Curb sugars craving and feel satisfied while still losing weight. Enjoy this helpful video presentation full of great snacking tips.


Since it’s a challenge, you can win lots of prizes and incentives too!

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Register NOW for the next part of your faith journey to fitness!

All you need to do is simply click the button and let GOD Bless your small steps of faith in our RISE UP! Challenge.

Our theme and inspiration for this challenge is in John 5:8 (NLT), the Bible says, … ‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!'”
Jesus tells the man who had been infirm for 38 years to rise up. It does not matter how long you’ve been down, or been inactive. God’s strength will empower you to rise up.
Let’s do this together as a community of Christian women committed to changing our lives for His Glory!



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