Stop Parking In Your Pain

Last year we purchased a car for my now 17-year-old daughter. The car is a standard stick shift which she did not know how to drive. It’s been an adventure, to say the least. Many tears and lots of laughter as she “jerked” along the road in the beginning.

One day after driving to school, she got out of the car after she put it into neutral and forgot to set the parking brake. The car began to roll backward and she quickly jumped back in to pull the brake before any of the friends around her could see what she did!

If you read the Bible you find that God speaks in all kinds of ways—from burning bushes to donkeys, to a still small voice that resonates with our souls. God tends to speak to me in everyday ordinary situations like forgetting to put on the brake.

“Prepare for a truth bomb.”

If you are stuck in neutral and you have pulled the parking brake on your pain, you are not going anywhere. Not moving—parked.

God doesn’t want us to park in our pain because we cannot drive into the goodness and purpose that HE has for us. 

I don’t know what your pain is. You don’t know what my pain is. It doesn’t matter. God knows. And He wants to restore you to be better than ever—a complete upgrade that you didn’t even know was possible. You are not damaged goods. You are the prized possession of the Creator of the universe!

When I talk about the way I used to be or things that happened to me, I feel like I am talking about somebody I once knew but who is now only a memory. I have memories that I have journaled about and only remember them if I read over what I have written.

God does that for me and for you. He transforms and restores us to the point that we don’t even recognize who we used to be before. We are complete and whole in Christ, nothing missing and nothing broken.

Colossians 2:10:  And our own completeness is now found in him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe!

We are completely filled and overflowing!

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to practice walking in that freedom daily. We do. We may not always FEEL whole and complete, but it’s still TRUE whether we FEEL it or not.

Read that again …

We may not always FEEL whole and complete, but it’s still TRUE whether we FEEL it or not.

What has your pain damaged in your life? In your marriage, relationships, or maybe even your physical health?

Let me encourage you today to quit parking in your past and put your life in gear by allowing God to personally restore, heal, upgrade, and overflow in YOU. Put it in gear, roll over the devil, and drive into the FREE life God has waiting for you!


Written by Melissa Motes, WLGW Team Member


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Jacki J.
Jacki J.
5 months ago

The Lord used your article to reveal some areas I have been stuck in. Thank you, Melissa!

Patricia L.
Patricia L.
6 months ago

Thank you Melissa, I am encouraged.

6 months ago

Thank you… Its help me a lot…. God bless you..

6 months ago

I believe this. I feel like Abigail in the Bible. Praying for my “David”. Living with Nabal.

6 months ago

This was a great read, thank you! It’s exactly what I needed to hear!