Weight Loss, God’s Way 21 Day Challenge

    • Challenge yourself to reach your goals. It will build your confidence and self-esteem by helping you understand that your strength comes from the Lord.
    • Learn how to lose weight permanently by focusing on the ‘right’ thing. (Hint – you’ve been going about it all wrong)
    • Challenge your subconscious beliefs about weight loss so you can stop wasting time and money on fads and gimmicks.
    • Learn how to notice the habits that are sabotaging you by listening to the voice of God instead of your emotions.
    • Learn practical and spiritual strategies from over 30 years of personal training, weight loss, and coaching experience.
    • Strengthen your faith in Christ and learn how His power can transform your weight, your health, and your life.
      Learn how to narrow the gap between just wanting to lose weight and actually doing it by understanding just what Christ-like COMMITMENT looks like.
    • Meet a group of like-minded, loving, supportive Christian women just like yourself to encourage and support you.
    • Finally, end the cycle of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, procrastination, and frustration by learning new Christ-centered habits.
    • Test drive our Healthy by Design method in this challenge. If you believe in it, then continue your weight loss journey with us.

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