The Breakthrough Method: YouR guided path to weight loss, god's way

This is not a weight loss book... It’s a paradigm-shattering revelation that will liberate you from the diet mindset. 

Forget everything you've ever been taught about weight loss. In fact, that's the very thing that's been keeping you overweight and overwhelmed!

Finally, after 35 years, Cathy Morenzie is sharing her counter-culture breakthrough principles which have helped countless people release excess weight through Bible-based principles that anyone can follow starting today.

Cathy Morenzie's 14 principles are poised to revolutionize the way you perceive and navigate your health journey, providing a biblical blueprint to lasting change and well-being. Say goodbye to the old and welcome a new era in the pursuit of a healthier, purpose-driven life.

Written with the help of 11 leading health & wellness coaches, they share how these 14 principles have helped them and their clients achieve lasting success, even when everything else failed.

“Cathy is more than a Weight loss coach; she is a Freedom coach who values
transparency and identifying the root causes of weight loss cycles. Whether you are
just starting, starting again, or continuing the journey, The Breakthrough Method invites
you to experience your next level of freedom! Within the pages of this book, Cathy
expertly guides you through the process that will empower you to achieve your goals
and transform your entire being.”
Sharon Roshell Thomas | Host of The Authenticated Life Podcast

“Cathy Morenzie provides powerful insight into the relationship between our body, mind
and spirit. She gives practical strategies to develop both healthy mindsets and strong
bodies. This is the most well rounded approach to weight loss that I have ever read.”
Melody Dowlearn | CEO & Founder of The Identity Academy and author of the
bestselling book Kingdom Identity

"Cathy’s Breakthrough Method is a must-read for anyone seeking a wholistic God-centered approach to better health and freedom from the bondage of excess weight. Not only does this book bridge the gap between our between our physical bodies and spiritual well-being but it also provides practical, God-centered principles for achieving lasting health, unlike traditional quick-fix models. The Breakthrough Method, compassionately outlined in these pages, guides you through a journey of self-discovery, helping you align your health goals with God’s purpose for your life. It introduces new and refreshing concepts such as energy management and emotional resilience. Each powerful principle will shine a new light on the truth about losing weight. Cathy truly challenges the diet plan mentality, changes your perspective, and gives a clear roadmap to a healthier, more fulfilling life."
Inger Wyatt
Executive Pastor, Speaking Spirit Ministries
Richmond, Virginia

Cathy Morenzie

Cathy Morenzie is president of Weight Loss Gods Way and the author of more than ten books including the breakout sensation Healthy by Design: Weight Loss God’s Way.
The foremost leader in Christian weight loss, her books have won multiple awards and are often #1 bestsellers on Amazon. Her weight loss and health insights have blessed over a million people worldwide over the last 35
years. She’s spoken at churches and women’s events across North America and on online summits. She lives with her family in Barrie, ON, Canada. Connect with her at cathymorenzie.com

People Love This Christian weight loss Book

This book changed my life!

I loved how easy this bible study was to read and achieve results. It is a thought provoking study, which forced me to do some self analysis and delve deeper into the 'whys' of how I allowed myself to gain so much weight.
This book was straight forward and led me to a deeper, more comprehensive relationship with Christ while losing weight and regaining my health.

Marilyn wehrli

Amazon reviewer

God desires for us to be healthy!

This is an amazing devotional! I just finished the 21 day plan and I’ve already lost 12 pounds. 

This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle! I learned so much about God’s plan for my health and well being. It really caused me to re-think how I looked at what I was putting in my body.

angela richardson

Amazon reviewer

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