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Five KEYS You must know to stop yo-yo dieting


VIDEO 2 - The breakthrough Method
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"Borrow Our Belief!" You CAN Do it!...

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Here's What Others Have to Say:

"I absolutely Love the challenge. It helped me to really get down to embrace what it means to submit my weight to the Lord & my responsibility in doing so."

I grew so much emotionally & spiritually. I absolutely ❤️ the Praise & Worship element of the program, the accountability partner & the support from Michele & Amy! I was able to release 4.4 pounds… which was truly God’s grace because I chose not to weigh myself until the last day of the program. I did this because I did not want to be so fixated on the scale that I missed the most important aspect of the program…listening to & for the Holy Spirit & following God’s Heart. My desire was to truly draw nearer to God in the process & to trust the process. The process definitely was not easy…but once I submitted, the yoke became easier & the burden lighter. I’m sooo extremely grateful for this program & the support it offers. I cannot wait to start Breakthrough! Thank you Cathy for creating such a life-changing experience for me.

'Absolutely Transformative"

We all enroll in this course to lose weight but it is SO much more than that! This course opens your heart to God and your mind to the WHY behind your poor health habits. And yes of course you lose weight along the way too! I am a busy mom, a veterinarian, and I learned to MAKE TIME for my health and for my spiritual needs in the Lord. I have never felt the Lord’s presence as much as I do after taking this course! EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS COURSE REGARDLESS OF SIZE!!

"I am so very glad I said yes. Being able to focus on God and letting Him lead you in the right direction and leading thou to surrender things that he helps you uncover"

Cathy gives you the stepping stones to help guide you. With these challenge I released 10 lbs just extra bonus for submitting and following through on the goals that I set up. Thank you everyone for your support. – ELEANOR MARIANO

"This program has been the answer to much prayer"

I knew that I was stuck and felt that just changing the externals wouldn’t deal with the root issues. While there were many tips that helped me to refocus, ie praying out loud to God, having a test to determine true hunger; more importantly it was the challenges and teaching about roadblocks that gave me a new direction.Cathy’s humor combined with skilled teaching have been greatly appreciated. Just knowing that the struggles I have are not uncommon, but can be overcome by the power of God, is very encouraging. I have been slowly and steadily losing some weight. More importantly, I’m finding that for the first time in a long time, I can be satisfied with less and stop without craving just a little bit more. Thank you, Cathy and mentors, for being God’s answers to my prayers!

"The only plan that has changed my mindset"

I’ve never tried to connect my spirituality with my weight loss journey.  As a believer I know I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me, but for some reason I never included Him in this weight loss struggle.  I discovered this plan through my bible app and from the very first day I had to have more.  Once I enrolled I was hooked!  I absolutely positively love the videos.  It reminds me of my island family and our thousands of home videos with skits that we created.  LOL I feel truly committed to this journey, aware of my dream robbers, and grounded in my faith!  I will definitely continue my weight loss journey with Cathy!  She is my Auntie in my mind, encouraging me the entire way to my goals.  Blessings!


When I started WLGW, I was in the middle of a national weight loss program and failing at it… again! The challenge helped me to shift my focus from points, food, and the number on the scale to God. i am a child of God and He wants to help me on this journey. I feel renewed with my convictions focused in the right place. Ready for the next step!