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Individual Support From Me
Daily access to me, so ask away!

  • I know the health and fitness industry can be confusing. Heck, I've been in it for 30 years and I still find it confusing sometimes. I want to help you sort through the maze of what works and what doesn't so bring me all your best questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you in a timely manner.
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 Weekly Coaching Webinars
Join us for weekly coaching calls 

  • Join us for 4 recorded webinars designed to help you get started, set your goal, understand meal planning, and get clear on your limiting beliefs. 
  • In the webinars,  I share my top success strategies, discuss obstacles you may be experiencing, answer questions and keep you motivated for the journey. The sessions are recorded. 
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Daily Workout Videos
21 workout videos

  • Work out with me everyday. Maximize your results in a minimum amount of time. Do full 15 minute sessions with me each day by following along with the video. Try a variety of workouts such as tabata, interval workouts, praise moves, circuit training, core, ballet, tae bo, full body shred, pilates and lots more!!!
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Mentorship from Experienced Coaches
Receive additional coaching from our mentors

  • Hi, I'm Laura. I started my weight loss journey in March 2014 at the highest weight I've ever been. I was miserable and I had tried countless diets in the past before I found this program. I like that the program is a simple, focused, Christ centered plan that is also a full support system. I am having a lot of success releasing unhealthy extra weight, and am halfway to my goal. My hope is that I will be able to offer you Godly support in our small group and my prayer for you is that you will rely on the Lord and grow in Him as you participate fully with the group and do the challenges. I will walk right alongside you on this 21 day journey, not as a trained professional, but as someone in the trenches with you also on my way to reclaiming my own health, wholeness and seeking a closer walk with the Lord. ~Laura
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Meal Planning Videos
Watch 21 short nutritional videos

  • Healthy eating can be very confusing. High carb., low carb., low fat...which is the right diet for you? Each day, you will recieve a short video on one aspect of your meal plan. 
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If you upgrade today, we’ll bless you with the following bonuses for FREE so you get even better results.

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15 minute coaching session with me

Ever wish you could cut through all of the weight loss maze and get your specific questions asked? Now you can!  You will receive a worksheet to prepare before our call so we can be laser-focused and productive during our call. 

$97 Bonus

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My Goal Setting Checklist

Do you have a goal? Is it written down on paper? Have you been consistently moving towards them or are you sometimes on and sometimes off?  Having a clear, specific, measurable goal is a critical first step on your journey. You will receive my biblical goal setting checklist for creating goals that you can accomplish and maintain for the rest of your life. 

$27  Bonus

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Access to our Expert Interviews

Get access to 12 of our impactful and inspiring guest interviews. Learn from expert Christian authors, trainers and motivational speakers on various aspects of weight loss. These expertise on weight loss will shed light on some of the weight loss issues you continually struggle with. 

$97  Bonus

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Getting Started Checklist 

Its been said that the largest muscle in your body is your mind. Strengthen your mind and you will find the motivation, discipline, and focus you need to consistently exercise and eat healthywithout fighting yourself and falling short of your goals. Take this little 5 question test to see if youre really ready to commit to your weight loss journey.

$27 Bonus

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Copy of the Healthy by Design 21-Day Meal Plan

A great companion guide to the 21-day challenge, the Meal Plan offers simple, delicious low-carb. recipes to help you  stop craving those addictive carbohydrates  and lose weight. It contains over 60 delicious low carb recipes.

$17 Bonus

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Individualized Attention

With hundreds of women participating in our challenges, there no way we will be able to address everyone's individual questions and unique needs. Receive personalized attention with your goal setting, daily challenges or get your questions answers by anyone on the team. 

$150 Bonus

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Save 25% off of our Breakthrough program

If you were blessed from the Weight Loss, God’s Way 21 Day Challenge then you will love Breakthrough. Where the 21 Day Challenge introduced you to basic principals, Haven will give you the strategies and tools to show you how to get unstuck. It is 10 weeks long and includes more videos and weekly practical and spiritual tools. 

25% Savings


Take advantage of an additional $500 in bonuses today.
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