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Awesome Starting Point

The 21-day challenge is an awesome starting point for your weight loss journey. It was not overwhelming and it is a great tool to help you uncover trouble areas you may have overlooked in past weight loss attempts. ~ Cindy M

What’s God Got To Do With It?

The weight loss industry is broken and has always been!

Why? It’s never actually served the people that need it most.

They know diets don’t work. And they know the cycle of shame and guilt it produces, but they keep on seducing you with the lure of rapid weight loss and you keep taking the bait.

As a faith-filled woman, you know deep down inside that something is missing. 

That something is  God. 

He knows your struggle better than anyone.

And through God, you can overcome everything … even if ‘everything’ is just a craving for some junk food. 😉

You CAN and you WILL reach your weight loss goals. All you need is a little faith. 

Released 10 pounds!

I finished well! I released 10 pounds during the 21-Day Challenge, and I feel healthier than when I first started. I am looking forward to the next step.  ~ Jennifer D.

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It’s Not a Diet … It’s a complete mindset shift

Here’s what’s included:

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This offer, if you were to break down all the individual tools to help you is valued at over $500, but you can try it and see the difference it will make for only $197.

What I Was Missing

This journey has been a God-send. I’ve tried to lose weight for years, on my own, without actually praying to God for His help and guidance. This program helped me to search my heart and mind to see the areas where I struggled at the most and gave me prayers that I could pray to help me overcome those areas. Each video was an area that I could relate to. I really appreciated the sharing component as well as it helped me to be able to discuss what was on my mind with others that were going through something similar. Everyone has been very encouraging and I truly enjoyed this challenge. Looking forward to the next step in my weight-loss journey!~ Rikesha F. 

What Do You Get in Our 21-Day Breakthrough Intensive Program

During the Breakthrough Method Intensive, you will:

Join us on an incredible journey

All for only $500 $197


I enjoyed the 21 day challenge and can’t wait to see what comes next. I released 12 pounds during the 21 day challenge and I am not looking back. I am finally able to stick with a plan because it’s not a huge bunch of changes all at once. I chose to try to do all 3 of the recommendations at once and was successful with that 90% of the time. Thank you for this excellent course!! ~ Neisha

The Best Type of Training

…is the  kind of training that strengthens your faith.

With the Breakthrough Method intensive,  you’ll join countless women who have reignited their relationship with God and have learned to treat their bodies as God’s temple.

You’ll discover how to release weight and keep it off.

You’ll change your unhealthy relationship with food.

And most importantly, your priorities will shift, leading you into a more well-rounded, Christ-driven life that fulfills not only your health goals, but also nurtures your soul and spirit. 

God Has a Plan For You

God did not put you on this earth to be constantly fighting against your body.

You have a rich and purposeful life to live that’s not to be wasted on worrying on constantly worrying about your weight.

This program is different because it takes into account your spirit, soul and body. Other weight loss plans don’t include your spiritual life, but God is in every aspect of your life. Let us show you how all three aspects of your being are connected and how it will make all the difference. 

Our Sisters in Christ are Raving
Read what they have to say below!

Let the RESULTS speak for themeselves.

A great stepping stone

I came into the 21 Day Challenge thinking I already knew the basics of losing weight and didn’t expect to get much out of it. But this is a program unlike any others I’ve tried. Cathy helped me for the first time, really access what’s caused me to go-to diet since fifth grade. For the first time, I’m addressing issues I have with self-image, bitterness, and self control and learning what God has to say about all of it. This truly is a spiritual journey not just a physical one!


Incredible for me!

My biggest change was to enjoy excercise! Incredible for me! I discovered the reason why I never excercised! Also I learned that to get to my goal I need to be patient, pray and practice! So I’m ready to start this beautiful process, no matter how long the way, if God is with me, who or what will be against?

Sinai De la Rosa

I Love this Program!

I feel so encouraged by the information that’s being provided. I have never encountered a program like this that provides so much information and resources. I am thankful to the Lord for this program!

Remonia E.

Mental shift!

Thank you so much Cathy for sharing your journey! I so enjoyed your funny videos, all with very important messages coming through. For me, choosing to not eat at night is a BIG thing. I felt the support to say no to snax I would usually eat. I have to separate my eating and be before God making my own choices, not going along like I have! Also, eating windows has been helpful and realising it’s not a quick fix so it needs to take time. And not to be a perfectionist about it, which usually makes me throw in the towel. Self care is so important. I felt a lot of support and guidance through these 21 days. I’ve also got a WhatsApp group that can help keep me supported in time to come. Greatful thanks and God’s great blessing on your ministry!

Jenneth Graser

Mental shift!

Thank you so much Cathy for sharing your journey! I so enjoyed your funny videos, all with very important messages coming through. For me, choosing to not eat at night is a BIG thing. I felt the support to say no to snax I would usually eat. I have to separate my eating and be before God making my own choices, not going along like I have! Also, eating windows has been helpful and realising it’s not a quick fix so it needs to take time. And not to be a perfectionist about it, which usually makes me throw in the towel. Self care is so important. I felt a lot of support and guidance through these 21 days. I’ve also got a WhatsApp group that can help keep me supported in time to come. Greatful thanks and God’s great blessing on your ministry!

Jenneth Graser

Thank you!

Thank you for offering this program. I am my worse enemy when I diet. I have stage 4 Emphysema , I use oxygen and have been struggling with the flu which of course means I have been inside for a while. I developed a compression fracture in my lower back from coughing. I was walking at least 6000 steps a days but I am now working up from the beginning again. Guys I LOST 6 POUNDS in the last 21 days. I always thought it would be so shallow to pray about my eating , Thank you God that I was so very wrong. Please bless Cathy and all the many wonderful people who participated in the 21 day challenge! My am aiming for 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss a week and with Gods help I WILL get my weight back to a normal range.


God is in control

I’m glad my sister asked me to do this with her. I have learned a lot through every video modular, and that every area is a good reminder for myself of why my weight loss Journey has failed in the past.
I know that procrastination has always been a big thing for me and time. As well as making sure I submit to God and not try to take this on by myself. The Lord gives us only what we can handle and he also delivers us from evil but he really wants us to be asking him coming to him We’re need and not try to do things by ourselves or alone. Through this program I have learned a lot about myself and how God has really worked in my life when I didn’t know he really was. And that he still working in my life. He molds us into his image and I am not done being molded he still the sculpting me and I want to do good by him. I’ve been surprisingly energized to exercise daily and I could not do this without this program. I’m glad that my sister asked me to do this with her and I plan on continuing to Use the units I’ve learned and to encourage her as well as others.

Polly Puckett

Breaking Through the Wall

This program helped me to break through a wall. I’ve tried to build healthy habits in the past but never took such a deeply spiritual approach to losing weight and getting healthier. I recognized my excuse making. I recognized the emotional eating. This program has been instrumental in helping me to improve other areas of my life, and I’m excited about how are I can go with God!

Erin Stewart

I wanted to use this

I wanted to use this as a jump start to exercise and weight loss. After the first day I asked God to show me what’s keeping me stuck. I lost 6 lbs and then gained them back. But what I did learn was what triggered me to emotionally eat. Learning the root of it all, plucking it out and being free from past hurts. My goal was to not eat after 7 pm. It wasn’t my first choice but it just ‘happened’ that way. I have kept up with that goal and now I don’t even crave late night snacks! Thank you Cathy for the 21 day challenge and free info. You are truly a blessing! Much love from Texas ? Crystal

Crystal B Castro

I have released 108 lbs. Glory to God!

“As of October 2017, I have released 108 pounds.  Glory to God!”  The 21-day Challenge was my kickstart, but I really learned long-term strategies through the Breakthrough program.








Jo G.

An eye opener and a wake up call!

Thank you, Cathy, for opening up my eyes to the truth through the 21 day challenge! It really helped me to refocus on God and His guidance on my journey to health and happiness. I have already lost between 4 and 5 pounds!

Tarina Els

Success with God

This month I have lost 9pounds, 2inches off my stomach and I’m .3 away from having lost 2% body fat.
Praying against temptation was done often, not eating past 8 was tough but I made it through and to be honest each lesson had its own nugget of helpfulness. I shared with the ladies at women’s group what I’ve been doing & they may just pick it up sometime in the spring 🙂
Remember to use God as your first defense and not a last resort.
God Bless ♡♡

Candice Lurvey

Thank you for this 21 Day Challenge

Thank you for this 21 day Challenge and your Meal Plan book, I did a weight loss program before but on a only-what–God-grows, you-could-eat. But as many of us, I fell of the wagon and gained everything again. Even now I did not reached my goal but I lost weight.
I counted my calories most days, I didn`t eat after 7 pm (though sometimes it was 7.30 pm). Exercise I had to skip because of my foot surgery but hope to start soon with 15 min of exercise. On top of my 10.000 steps when I`m at full time work. But it is the beginning of my journey, and have to keep that in mind step by step, day by day, and enjoy life thinking of my self first. Once again Thank you.

Jolanda Molenaar

This is an AWESOME Challenge

I would like to thank God for putting this Challenge in my path! I loved the fact it didn’t start nor ended as a competition with others! It was truly about getting to see self and creating a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father and learning about the deep rooted obstacles I didn’t realize at the surface that gets in the way of accomplishing my goals and allowing the Holy Spirit to take control and lead me in all areas in my life. This is an AWESOME challenge!! Thank You Jesus!! And thank you Cathy!

Christina Carroll

A refreshing New Beginning

Thank you Cathy for this inspiring, encouraging 21 day challenge program. It has helped me greatly, I feel refreshed, renewed. I praise the Lord for the wonderful work that you do encouraging women, and men if they want to join in in overcoming weight problems. It has renewed my self esteem. I have lost approx 5 lbs over the past 21 days, and I feel enspired to continue until I reach my goal, in July. I’m well on my way! Thank you so much. God bless, Pam D.

Pam Del Piano-Davies

Knowledge is power

It would seem that we should know some of these simple things holding us back from weight release but going through the last 21 days a lot has been exposed. All the areas in my life that I was holding onto and didn’t know to let go and give it to God. Thank you Cathy Morenzie for exposing the ugly truth about weight loss and dieting. I’m working to adapt a new lifestyle for my current and future health! I’ve released about 5lbs in the challenge and it feels great. I’ve also released inches as well. Even though it’s a small start I can see the results already!

Melissa Williams

Gained or Lose Weight?

I have enjoyed this new journey with Healthy By Design. I have done all the challenges, I have stuck to not eating after dinner, I have done at least 15 min of exercise with or without the amazing exercise videos Cathy provides, I have documented my food eaten on my weight watchers app, but most importantly, I have spent a lot more time with the Lord than I have done in a very long time. So much so, that I don’t know if i gained or lose weight because this time around, I did not want to jump on the scale. I focused on getting myself accustomed to this renewed focus on God’s word, as well as, this new life style change. Now that I have finished the 21 day journey its time to step it up a bit. With continued time with God, & being familiar with how my days should go, I am definitely ready to press on & Move Forward to the next Breakthrough step.
Thank You for this experience. I am so happy to know now that I can talk to God about this aspect of my life without feeling vain because of it. It has been an amazing start to a new & much needed change.

Nicole Moore

I Can Do It

This whole 21 day challenge with God has opended my eyes to a lot. It has brought me closer to God. I cant just pick out one day that stood out or impacted me the most because they all did. These last 21 days have brought me to a deeper understanding and have taught me to NEVER give up the fight.

Jennifer A Johnson

A New Beginning with God Leading Me!

I thank God for you Cathy! Through this 21 Day challenge, you have given me insights on the reasons why releasing weight And being healthy is my right as a Child of God! So since God wants me to be my best Me for Him, I have to submit fully to him and sacrifice some things. Here are my takeaways: 1. Exercise is apart of my life daily. During the 21 day challenge I had a stomach virus and was unable to exercise in the gym but I did your 20 minute exercise video in my bed and that was my breakthrough point! As I was determined to get the movement in and I praise God for this! So my next steps: I invested in your 2 books and with them I’m going to sign up for the 21 Day challenge again and add the goal of writing down everything I eat and no more than 100 gms of carbs a day! Thanks again for everything Cathy oh and yes I reached my goal of releasing one lb. per week and through the 3 weeks I lost 3 lbs. I am rejoicing by getting ready to go to the ymca and it’s only 3 degrees here in Fishers, Indiana ?❄️!

Jennifer Botts

Refocus. Rebuild.

The last 21 days have been amazing! It was God’s sovereign way to help me REFOCUS on my commitment to drop the weight. After losing 75lbs, I found myself in a rut…with another 50lbs left to release. Cathy’s wisdom and encouragement has me back on track. With the Lord’s help, I am ready to REBUILD this temple for my good and His glory. Anyone who is serious about being fit for their kingdom purpose needs to sign-up for the challenge TODAY!

Sonjia Upshaw

 I lost 14 lbs and I’m  drawing closer to My Lord and Savior.

I found your 21 day challenge on someone’s Facebook page and I have completed it as of yesterday.  I lost 14 lbs and I’m  drawing closer to My Lord and Savior.
The biggest impact the challenges had on me was that it pushed me to  realize that I  can change, that I could break down habits that I have had for years.
Cecile P. , Rosenberg, Texas

ALL the videos were vital and helpful.

I love that the videos were super funny yet drove home a vital point. Thank you Cathy for putting this 21 Day Challenge program together and offering it as free. I don’t think I would have risked failing if it was not free. I am happy- no ecstatic – to say that I have reached my goal for the 21 days which were:
1) Exercise 15 minutes/day
2) Be disciplined in prayer, diet and exercise and the challenge
3) Be steadfast


And as an added bonus…. I lost 10.9 lbs?.

For those ladies continuing to Breakthrough- see you soon!

Gerri V

Where to start, so much

Where to start, so much is in my mind. I enjoyed this challenge so much, looked forward to it each day. Most important is is God based. He wants us to be healthly and happy. This program made me happy, and down 10 pounds.
Cathy made it fun, but most important she got in my head, not like other programs.
The video’s were fun but, each a good message.

Big thank you to Cathy, I look forward to continue this journey.
See you in Breakthrough.

Donnie G

This program has been just what I needed.

I have been struggling with weight for so many years that I just about gave up on any hope of conquering it. I don’t like to give up so it was so defeating. I have struggled with emotional eating and starting over every Monday. During the challenge I started over soon as I slipped up. The first week I actually gained some weight but I committed to this and prayed and I lost 8 lbs total from my high point. Thank yo so much. I feel so different now about this process and can’t wait to continue with breakthrough. Praise God & thank you Cathy. Your videos were spot on. I feel like my eyes are wide open now!!!!


The videos are all great.

The videos are all great. I like the one with the funky glasses that distorted Cathy’s view of herself. I know that the way I look at myself is different than how God views me. I only missed exercising for fifteen minutes on one day. I was surprised how determined I became as the 21 days progressed.



I have become more confident in my ability to be disciplined about snacking and over eating. I have been faithful about considering my eating and not simply filling my mouth for comfort. I am looking forward to growing more fit and taking on more physical activity beyond walking.

Gail Hein


Completed the 21 Day Challenge and thankful for all the teaching and support! God bless!

Maria Williams

Weight loss With God is amazing

I want to begin by saying thank you Lord for providing Cathy with this vision. Through you she is inspiring people to dig deep in finding the root that keeps us from being healthy and happy! I have enjoyed this plan! I feel like I’m in a better place mentally and physically! I have this glow! I feel amazing! I have lost several inches and a few pounds! How exciting! Thank you all who work behind the scenes to make this possible. I pray God would continue to bless each of you! Thank you again!

MaryJane McGowan

I was blessed by the 21 day challenge in which I released 10 pounds, and feel as though I have finally found a solution to keep the weight off.

Laura W

I lost 14 lbs. in the 21 day Challenge and God has really shown me the miracles that He can work if I allow him to do it.

I lost 14 lbs. in the 21 day Challenge and God has really shown me the miracles that He can work if I allow him to do it. It is amazing that He can control my appetite, make me want vegetables, and even help me enjoy exercise. It is amazing!!

Bobbi from Arlington, TX.

The hilarious videos gently pricked my soul with conviction, and the encouragement.

I’ll have to watch the Celebration recording, but so grateful for the 21 day challenge, the hilarious videos that gently pricked my soul with conviction, and the encouragement. I had prayed for something to keep me accountable while my firstplace4health was off for one month, and this was God’s gift. Can’t wait to pass it on to others, loved the books, the website is wonderful.

Debra D

Lost 12.2 lbs

Beginning third week – lost 12.2 lbs Help from the Lord and your program keeping me on task.

Carolyn W

I’ve lost 70 lbs in WLGW

I just wanted to send  you a praise report. I have lost 70 pounds after doing the 21 day challenge and breakthrough programs and for a total weight loss since July of last year I have lost 100 pounds.  I wanted to say thank you!

Gladys H

I reluctantly started the 21-day challenge…

I reluctantly started the 21–day challenge back in mid-September. And I do mean reluctantly. I signed up willing to give it a chance, but when I saw that I had to pick between not eating after 7, exercising a little each day or tracking food, I almost quit. I had already cut late night eating (to no avail) and already exercised 3-4 times per week, so neither of those would really be a stretch. The last option was tracking food and I absolutely did NOT want to do that. I had done that as part of a previous diet and felt restricted/limited/trapped. Who chooses to feel like that?! Then it had to be a specific tracking method…I was already using a different app and hated the thought of starting over.
Thankfully, I decided to use the challenge for what it was…a challenge. I read each email, watched each video, posted on fb and asked God to change me.
I lost 3 pounds in week 1, but no pounds in week 2. How disappointing. I almost quit (again). I figured I could finish the last week. it certainly couldn’t hurt. Guess what? Another 3 pounds lost for a total of 6 gone during he challenge weeks!
During the challenge, we had to set realistic goals. Little bitty goal: finish the challenge. (I did it!) Longer goal: lose 30 pounds by May 9th (based on 1 pound per week plus cushion for “off” weeks). And I dared set my ultimate goal: 100 pounds by October 27, 2018 (based on the same 1 pound per week plus cushion).
This morning when I tracked my weight, I saw my progress screen as a little celebration of how far I had come in the weeks since the challenge and I knew now was the time to share and say Thank You! (see attached)
My weight loss has been consistent (17 pounds as of today!) and I plan to reach my longer goal way ahead of schedule. I actually love tracking what I eat, as I feel in control and am consiously making food decisions rather than letting whatever happen.
Thank you, Cathy, for sharing what you’ve learned.

The WLGW Challenge lessons have motivated me to join your Breakthrough program.

Cathy, I went through the 21 day challenge, but did not “participate” as I should have. The lessons have motivated me to join your Breakthrough program. I just want to say that I have never seen such well thought out information with principles that go deep to root causes like the information you share on your website and through the challenge!  But the best part is your humble,calm, teaching spirit that is so encouraging!  You are a dear, and I look forward to learning from you and taking this journey to health and weight loss.   Thank you so very much!

Diana E Indianapolis, Indiana

In the last 21 days my fasting glucose went down 72 points and I lost 6lbs!

I am celebrating that in the last 21 days my fasting glucose went down 72 points and I lost 6#’s! To God be the glory! Could not have done it without LOTS of conversations with Jesus! I was addicted to peanut butter cups and I have not had ANY in almost a month. That’s a miracle, Friends! I love it when my Master takes over and SAVES me from myself. Cathy, to stay motivated, I kept going back to my list of costs associated with NOT meeting my goals. That woke me up! I came up with 20 regrets…ranging all the way from disobedience to wasting money on meds to ugly swimsuits.  🙂 I have not, yet, arrived, but I am praising Jesus all the way to my promised land. Amen. Praying for each of you

Kelly G

Lost 10 lbs and reduced my blood pressure to normal.

Last year at this time I was at the doctors and my BP was a little elevated. I monitored it through the fall and winter and it stayed prehypertensive. I have released 10 pounds since my first WLGW challenge in January. Last week I checked my BP and it was normal!

Janet S

Having God walk with me through this journey is making a BIG difference.

I am trying to figure out why I sabotage my reaching goals. I am a life time member of a weigh organization and the minute I reached my goal years ago, I put weight back on. A year and half I lost 100 pounds through another organization and the minute I was ten pounds to my goal I started putting the weight back on. I gained 40 of the pounds back. I have always had a low self esteem and was raised like I could never do anything right. I was never good enough or thought that. I was never good enough. Maybe that is why! Like I feel that I don’t deserve to win. This group is helping me grow closer to God and to see how special I am in God’s eyes. God is my father and He loves me so very much. Having God walk with me through this journey is making a BIG difference. Thank you Cathy. I am getting real with myself. I have lost 15 of those 40 pounds since on this program. This is my second time going through it and it is making a difference, a BIG difference.

Jenny J

It has been an eye opening experience

It has been an eye opening experience, no excuses, talking to god about everything, eating healthy, avoiding blame and exercising halt!

Mary W-  Nairobi, Kenya

For the first time I can see a change in my life that is leading to the healthy lifestyle

I crave sugar when I am tired. Eat out of stress, sadness, because it is there, do not want to waste it. Cathy, this series of videos are life changing! Thank you for caring enough to bless each of us with the chance of renewed healthy lives! For the first time I can see a change in my life that is leading to the healthy lifestyle I have desired for many many years. I have a long ways to go, but with God’s strength, love and wisdom there WILL be victory!

Trina B

Loving the journey so far. It is not perfect but I am learning and seeing progress.

So glad I started this challenge. Just the day before I committed to tracking food with Lose it. First day “bombed” but it really opened my eyes to amount of food I should eat vs the truckload I was eating. I struggled with the app as well. Day one on here I moved to myfitnesspal. Fantastic. Easy app. Day 2…Still didn’t perfect a food day, but so much more aware of food choices…more  nutritious food to stretch the total food in my calorie budget. Then you asked us for specific sacrifices/cost. I moved my bedtime to 9:30 and committed to enter all my meals/exercise first thing in morning. I tweaked as day went on but changes meant costs elsewhere so they were very limited. It also “forced” me to do the exercise planned because meals/food choices were counting on it. Success. I believe had I not counted the cost and committed to going to bed earlier and plan day ahead…I would have kept struggling and given up tracking. I love specific goals and am excited to see what else you are going to challenge us with. Loving the journey so far. It is not perfect but I am learning and seeing progress. Praise God for His goodness to me. Praise God for His wisdom given to godly women gifted with  encouragement. Thank you Cathy for using your gift.

This challenge is what I need to readjust my thinking and behavior.

 I am growing more and more in God. I never truly involved Him in the process, but now I see that’s where I was falling short. This challenge is what I need to readjust my thinking and behavior.
Brianna A

This is about becoming more obedient to God’s word.

This is my second challenge.  I’ve released 25 pounds. For me this is about becoming more obedient to God’s word & being tranformed into the person God intends me to be.

Gaye F

I lost 21 pounds after joining the Weight Loss, God’s Way Challenge

Donna H - Mississippi

The process may be painful but the end result is worth it.

Cathy, I had to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate how you’ve listened to the voice of God in leading women from all over the world to rethink our relationship with our heavenly Father, food and ourselves. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I think I finally believe that after this challenge.
I’ve lost 8 pounds since the challenge started but more importantly, I think I’ve gained a better prospective on how I should look at food and how it affects my body.
I never expected you to take me as deep as you did with the daily videos and challenges but it was so necessary. Like a root canal or surgery, the process may be painful but the end result is worth it. Most importantly, you impressed upon me how vital it is to put my weight and relationship with food before God, just like I do everything else. It finally clicked: yes, He cares about this too!
Please continue to do whatever the Lord instructs you to do in leading women to the healthiest version of themselves that God always ordained for them to be 🙂


I can feel my spirit becoming lighter

This challenge is so good at helping us to do what we (really I) don’t normally do, and that is regular reflection. I can feel my spirit become lighter as I engage in this practice every day and the Lord impressed upon me to keep on in it.

Tracey E.

The 21 Day Challenge has Changed My Life

“This challenge has changed my life!!! I often feel like no one cares if I lose the rest of this weight or not but Cathy cares and so do the other people in our group. I have felt prayed for every day! I met some amazing new friends who pray for me and with me! I had been on a plateau for almost a year, losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again. I am now losing weight again! Every principal is based on scripture. You MUST take this life changing challenge!!!!”

Harriette C.

I’m Changing. I Have a New Attitude.

“As I saw myself in a glass mirror today at work, I said to myself. I love me. I’m changing. I have a new attitude. I am training hard, 5 – 6 days/wk and making better lifestyle health/eating choices. And I’m loving the process! I’m loving my life. I can finally say that. Not because I’ve reached my goals… but because I’m in the process, the trenches of achieving my goals. And that’s what I love!!! Ha! Thanks Cathy Morenzie I’m finally in that zone. God does answers prayers!”

Dionne G.

I am seeing food and exercise in a new light

I just finished the 21 day challenge. Through Cathy’s Weight Loss, God’s Way book, the word of God, prayer and the Facebook community I am seeing food and exercise in a new light. I lost 7 pounds during the challenge and would encourage you to give it a try.

Jean Paris

The 21 Day Challenge Gave Me Daily Ammunition

“What the 21 day challenge did for me most, was to understand that my value doesn’t come from what I think but what I believe. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.” This truth opened me up to understanding that Information with Revelation = Transformation! The limiting beliefs I have allowed into my life that are contrary to what God’s plan is for my life have truly been “dream stealers.” The 21 day challenge gave me daily ammunition to fight against the mediocrity of my plan versus God’s plan for me. The journey has just begun but I understand now, the best is yet to come! Thank you Jesus!!”

Rhonda Cook

The 21 Day Challenge was a Game Changer

“The 21 Day Challenge was a game changer for me. It was a great restart to a journey that I wasn’t certain that I want to go on anymore. I had gotten to a place where I was tired of trying every weight-loss fad or trend that came along. I was skeptical about this, but as the days went by I recognized this as the very thing that I was missing through every other start and stop. Now I am better equipped to stick with it and see this to the end and actually realize my goals.”

LaTasha Dorsey

The Perfect Way to Stay on Track

“The 21 Day Challenge was the perfect way to ” stay on track” as it kept me accountable.  I love the fact that God is present in this endeavor and always kept first. The activities also were relevant and in keeping with all of the encouragement along the way. The 21 Day Challenge is a program that bears repeating in every aspect.”

Ruth Oliver

I Need Practical Advice

“I loved the 21 Day challenge and the Weight Loss, God’s Way book and recipe book. I am a practical person, and I need practical advice. Rather then merely talk platitudes, Cathy Morenzie identified specific shortcomings and bad habits that were standing in my way of managing my health. Using biblical principals, Cathy challenged me to honestly face my role in my previous failures and bad habits. While I rely on God for my strength and hope, I am also making conscious choices to live more healthfully. I eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, far fewer processed foods, and I am exercising every day — and enjoying it! My mindset has shifted from seeing diet and exercise as a burden to seeing gorgeous whole foods and loving movement as blessings and as a way to honor God’s gift to me of a strong body and good health. I am down 17 pounds in the past three months and plan to continue on this path until I reach a healthy weight.Thank you, Cathy, for keeping it real and honest, and for helping me to see the potential I have in Christ. You are a blessing to me!”

Meg Anderson

I Wish That it Could Have Gone Longer!

“I joined and started the 21 day challenge the day I moved house and started a new job! It was going to be a challenge to commit to the challenge! But I am so glad I did! In fact it was just what I needed to help me get back on track on my weight loss journey. I really enjoyed receiving the daily email which motivated me to dig deeper into the why and how I have struggled previously to look at this process in a way that will be life changing. I wish that it could have gone longer!

Denise Ashby

The 21 Day Challenge Really Challenged My Thinking

“I have been gaining weight or maintaining for 9 months, and I was getting anxious and frustrated. I took the 21 day challenge, and so many things resonated with me. The challenge really challenged my thinking. I made commitments, and with God’s help have kept them. I lost 6 pounds, it’s not a huge amount, but it’s a great start, and I look forward to when I can be at my healthy weight and say, look what the Lord has done! I am so grateful to the lord and to Cathy & Preston for the challenge, wisdom, and just plain fun approach to this difficult topic. I would highly recommend buying the book and recipe book as well so you can keep doing it after the 21 day challenge is over.”

Debra Davis

It Changed My Life

“The 21 day challenge changed my life. I have suffered the from sin of overeating and yo-yo dieting for years. I am an otherwise active and outgoing person but no one who knows me would ever suspect my constant struggle with food. Through this challenge I learned to break through the chains that were holding me back and focus on God’s Promises and how he wants me to live the best possible life. The lessons are clear and focused, with some great humor thrown in. It’s a very enjoyable program. Cathy is a wise and engaging teacher. As a result of being faithful and transparent, I lost about 10 pounds during the 21 day challenge, and am still “releasing weight” as I continue to study God’s word. The bible teaches us to seek God first in all things to receive his blessings (Matthew 6:33). The 21 day challenge has opened my eyes to this and other truths (or should i say lies that hold me back). The program continues to bless me.”

Lauri Williamson

They all started their journey following these Breakthrough Method principles.

What We Offer in the 21-Day Intensive Program

21-Short Videos and weight release lessons, Workouts, 100 gm Carbohydrate Meal Plan and a personal consultation with a certified coach. 
  (all in a simple to use App so you can take the lessons with you wherever you go) 

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