Day 5 – Submit to God

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Today’s Scripture Reflection

“The LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light”~ Exodus 13:21-22

Submit to God

  • Imagine not stressing about your weight; never doing another crazy diet or gimmick; no more wasted money and no more frustration; no more guilt or condemnation. Imagine feeling peace with your body and truly believing that it is God’s temple.
  • Starting today, refuse to take another step in your health program without God.
  • Make the commitment today to submit your weight loss to God.

I’m Changing. I Have a New Attitude.

“As I saw myself in a glass mirror today at work, I said to myself. I love me. I’m changing. I have a new attitude. I am training hard, 5 – 6 days/wk and making better lifestyle health/eating choices. And I’m loving the process! I’m loving my life. I can finally say that. Not because… Read more “I’m Changing. I Have a New Attitude.”

Dionne G.

The 21 Day Challenge has Changed My Life

“This challenge has changed my life!!! I often feel like no one cares if I lose the rest of this weight or not but Cathy cares and so do the other people in our group. I have felt prayed for every day! I met some amazing new friends who pray for me and with me!… Read more “The 21 Day Challenge has Changed My Life”

Harriette C.


For today's challenge, share 2 things:
1. What part of this journey do you keep taking back that you need to submit to God once and for all?

2. How is the Holy Spirit leading you to submit? (quiet listening time,morning prayers, journalling,fasting, bible study, other)

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