Losing weight requires a combination of mental, spiritual, emotional and chemical ( nutrition) balancing.


Have you ever heard this statement before, “Losing weight is easy – just eat less and move more.”

This statement might be true in a perfect world but then throw in metabolism issues, detoxification issues, emotional issues, suppressed immune systems, sleep issues, high stress levels and of course a confusing trillion dollar diet industry and we’re left scratching our heads about what our bodies ‘should be’ able to do naturally—release weight.

Here are some other factors about weight releasing that may be affecting your weight:

Sleep– Did you know that insufficient sleep suppresses 2 important hormones which control your appetite ( ghrelin and leptin)?

Stress– Did you know that stress causes the adrenals to release excess cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers over-indulgence?

Cleansing– Did you know that the more chemicals and toxins in your body, the more fat you will have? Fat accumulation is your body’s way of protecting itself. Cleansing rids the body of toxins which in turn allows the body to burn fat naturally.

Emotions– Did you know that experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions? Manage your emotions and manage your weight.

Attitudes– Did you know that wrong beliefs and attitudes are at the core of many health problems including obesity? Learn to change your attitudes and beliefs and release unwanted pounds forever.

Diet– Do you think low carbohydrate, high protein diets are the way to go?—It may for some people but it could also be the reason why you’re putting on weight. You’ve got to know what nutritional needs are right for YOUR body.

So much for the over-simplified, ‘old school’ teaching of eating less and moving more to lose weight. Your physical health and weight is the end result of mental, spiritual, emotional and chemical (nutrition) energies.

If you want to learn more about these unknown factors that affect your weight then join us on July 24th and 25th for the Healthy by Design Weekend Intensive.


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