Each COACH bringS their Unique gifting, Energy & Perspective to support you on your journey towards Health & Wholeness. LET US COACH YOU TO SUCCESS!!!

Cathy Morenzie

Master Coach and CEO of WLGW, Cathy has inspired hundreds of thousands of women over the last 35 years to get healthier, build their self-image and strengthen their faith.

She has created a health movement that spans the globe encouraging women to ditch the diets and get to the root of why they do what they do. Her 5-Step Breakthrough Method© and her spirit, soul, and body approach to achieving your healthy weight are the key distinctions that deliver results to everyone she serves.

Cathy Morenzie


Hi! My name is Michele Malenky. I live in Ohio, out in the country with my husband. We have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and two adorable grands. I have been part of WLGW since December of 2019.  I reached goal in September of 2020 having released 86 pounds.  Learning that 80 % of eating is emotional was a game changer. So was setting up my goals in weekly achievable bits so I could celebrate success along the way. I am a bold believer, strong in my faith. I have taught a ladies Bible study group for almost 15 years and also work one on one with ladies that are broken, or struggling with addictions. My desire is to help ladies on their journey to freedom, whatever that looks like. It may be from a toxic relationship, alcohol, or pounds on the scale. The answer to peace, joy and freedom is Jesus.  

Michele M.


Hi! My name is Melissa B. I am one of the WLGW Health Coaches. I am a board-certified RN by profession with over 29 years of healthcare experience. In addition to Nursing, my life roles also include proud USMC wife & mom; nana, & Christ-follower. I’ve been married for just shy of 32 years & we have “6” grown kids; 3 of our own, 3 “kids-in-love,” & 6 beautiful grandbabies.

I compare my weight-loss journey to a hamster running on a never-ending wheel for YEARS. Receipt of a negative health report forced a spotlight on my unhealthy relationship with food, triggering a serious conversation between my doctor and me. She said that unless I wanted to add “Diabetic” to my list of life roles, I seriously needed to lose weight asap. In hindsight, God used this crossroads moment to allow me to face reality highlighting my dependence on the yo-yo, up-down lifestyle of weight loss. I realized I no longer wanted to be at the mercy of various diets, pills, shakes, or supplements, “hoping” I would lose more than a few pounds this time around. As I hit rock bottom on my journey, I desperately cried out to God for help in overcoming “this time around.”

I was introduced to the WLGW program via the 10 and 21-day Challenges by fellow coach, Michele M. Although I’m not where I want to be yet, I finally invited and surrendered my hamster wheel to Him. Using Cathy and the WLGW family as support, Jesus has forever transformed my view of food and broke my chains releasing me from the unhealthy yo-yo lifestyle. The best part though to date, was publicly becoming accountable as a WLGW Coach; where I am excited to partner with God to help others like me, also find freedom in their journey!

melissa b.


Hi! My name is Lynette. I have three children and have lived in the fast-paced coaching world with my husband for over 31 years. 

With our transient lifestyle, God has led me through a number of careers ranging from engineering and pharmaceutical sales to teaching math at the high school and junior college levels. Along the way and amongst all the change, I found myself running to food and TV to deal with the emotional pain of isolation and the fear of rejection. The burden and shame I felt from not being able to control my weight was overwhelming at times.

Then, as I was recovering from a knee replacement surgery, I found Healthy By Design: Weight Loss God’s Way: The Proven 21-Day Weight Loss Devotional Bible Study. I discovered I was not only carrying extra physical weight, but a heavy spiritual weight as well. The devotional helped redefine what freedom could look like for me by inviting God into my health journey and using His strength to move forward. Through God’s power, I began learning why I was emotionally drawn to food and how to uncover root causes. This became the strength and tools I needed to experience real change!

Through my own pain and story, I discovered how passionate I am about helping others experience the same freedom I did. In 2017, I combined my college athlete mindset, desire to learn and communication skills to become an entrepreneur health and wellness advocate, providing nutritional products and resources to many. I am an Optivia Coach, distributor for JuicePlus and COPE (Center for Obesity and Prevention Education) Certified. Most importantly, I love pointing people toward God’s power and mentoring others on their health journey!



Hello!  My name is Amy Hughes.  I have been married for over 27 year and have 19 year old twins in college.  I have been an Occupational Therapist for the past 20 years.

Setting goals for my patients and helping them achieve them is my full-time work.  Sadly I have had trouble with setting goals for myself to release my weight.  I have tried so many products and diets.  I was introduced to Weight Loss God’s Way a year ago. Cathy’s teachings and support have changed my life.   WLGW has taught me to put God in the center of my weight release journey.

I have released 57 pounds and continue to work to reach my goal.  God continues to reveal Himself to me and teaches me that He is in control and that He loves me through this journey.  I am so excited to be a mentor and help support others through this journey drawing closer to the Lord and through their weight release journey.  

Amy H.

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