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The Weight Loss, God’s Way Challenge is a Christian online program that shows you:

What you're really craving ... and it's not food.

Why you won't exercise ... and it's not because you're lazy.

Why you keep quitting ... and it's not because you're a quitter.

In other words, we show you why you do what you do and give you 21 strategies to stop struggling and start losing weight.


    • Challenge yourself to reach your goals. It will build your confidence and self-esteem by helping you understand that your strength comes from the Lord.
    • Learn how to lose weight permanently by focusing on the 'right' thing. (Hint - you've been going about it all wrong)
    • Challenge your subconscious beliefs about weight loss so you can stop wasting time and money on fads and gimmicks.
    • Learn how to notice the habits that are sabotaging you by listening to the voice of God instead of your emotions.
    • Learn practical and spiritual strategies from over 30 years of personal training, weight loss, and coaching experience.
    • Strengthen your faith in Christ and learn how His power can transform your weight, your health, and your life.
    • Learn how to narrow the gap between just wanting to lose weight and actually doing it by understanding just what Christ-like COMMITMENT looks like.
    • Meet a group of like-minded, loving, supportive Christian women just like yourself to encourage and support you.
    • Finally, end the cycle of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, procrastination, and frustration by learning new Christ-centered habits.
    • Test drive our Healthy by Design method in this challenge. If you believe in it, then continue your weight loss journey with us.


    "I've lost another 6.2 pounds!"

    "I have lost another 6.2 pounds, this makes me 17 pounds from my last time and also my A1C is under control it is down to 6.2 and only have to take 1 metform a day thank you Jesus"

    ~ Cathy Schlung, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "Powerful thoughts and suggestions based upon the Word of God!"

    " Finished the 21 Day Challenge readings and the words that follow! Powerful thoughts, suggestions based upon the Word of God! The last few days really had me thinking. Thank you, Cathy Morenzie! May The Lord continue to bless the work of your hands."

    ~ Ruth Oliver, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "It really pushed me to look inside myself."

    Just finished the 21 Day Challenge and was so blessed by it! It really pushed me to look inside myself for the things holding me back and to then seek the Lord in receiving that break through! Thank you so much Cathy Morenzie!

    ~ Dihann Meyers Rothman, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "I am seeing food and exercise in a new light."

    I just finished the 21 day challenge. Through Cathy's book, the word of God, prayer and the Facebook community I am seeing food and exercise in a new light. I also was paired up with a wonderful accountability partner. It's good to have someone to help you stay focused. I lost 7 pounds during the challenge and would encourage you to give it a try.

    ~ Jean Paris, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "I'm changing. I have a new attitude."

    As I saw myself in a glass mirror today at work, I said to myself. I love me. I'm changing. I have a new attitude. I am training hard, 5 - 6 days/wk and making better lifestyle health/eating choices. And I'm loving the process! I'm loving my life. I can finally say that. Not because I've reached my goals... but because I'm in the process, the trenches of achieving my goals. And that's what I love!!! Ha! Thanks Cathy Morenzie I'm finally in that zone. God does answers prayers!

    ~ Dionne Grant, 21-Day Challenge Member


    "Helped open my eyes to biblical truths."

    I am forever grateful for the 21 Day Challenge. I had been spinning my wheels for ages trying to lose weight, but I was doing it in my own strength.  CATHY, you helped me to grow closer to the Lord and helped open my eyes to Biblical truths. Thank you! I know that you will be touching many, many lives through your writing and through the fb challenges. May God richly bless you. ♥

    ~ Laura Roehl, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "I am finally exercising!!"

    I just finished a second 21 day challenge. On Feb 21 I started my first challenge on FB, reading Cathy's book, and support and I have been flour, sugar, and alcohol free! Now with the second challenge, I am finally exercising!! Thank you. Cathy!!

    ~ Jan Bartlett Bryan, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "This challenge has changed my life!"

    This challenge has changed my life!!! I often feel like no one cares if I lose the rest of this weight or not but Cathy cares and so do the other people in our group. I have felt prayed for every day! I met some amazing new friends who pray for me and with me! I had been on a plateau for almost a year, losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again. I am now losing weight again! Every principal is based on scripture. You MUST take this life changing challenge!!!!

    ~ Harriette Waites Connell, 21-Day Challenge Member

    "I will say it again how much I love this program!"

    I will say again how much I love this program!! Nothing has ever made me dig this deep into my emotional eating patterns!! Thanks Cathy, you're such a blessing!

    ~ Connie Harding Keck, 21-Day Challenge Member


    "To change, you've got to challenge yourself! Are you ready to change your life? Let's do it together!"

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