Healthy Living Gratitude: Embracing a New Perspective

Ever feel weighed down by the checklist of things you believe you must do to maintain healthy living gratitude? Eating right, exercising, praying – it can all become overwhelming, right? I get it, and I’ve been there too. In our fast-paced world, the pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle can feel like a heavy load….


Cultivating Wellness: The Power of Gratitude in Your Health

In the realm of health and weight loss journeys, many of us often perceive a long and difficult path ahead. Sometimes, we get caught up in the daunting tasks and sacrifices that seem to stand between us and our desired outcome. We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the perceived distance ahead. But what if I…


Letting Go: The Missing Piece to Your Weight Loss Puzzle

What’s your initial response to challenging news or stressful times? Do you find yourself teetering on the edge of panic? I can certainly relate. Today, let’s delve into a crucial aspect of our journey—our response to setbacks. Whether it’s related to our eating habits, the challenges of our weight release journey, or life’s unexpected twists,…


Powerful Insights from Psalm 103: Overcoming Temptation

Do you ever feel like you’ll never be able to overcome your temptations? Do you ever feel like the cravings will get so big, like so overpowering that they’re just gonna take over, and you’ll be so out of control? It’s Cathy here, from Weight Loss God’s Way, and I definitely feel that way sometimes….

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Healing Through Awareness: Your Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating

Do you know what triggers you to start eating emotionally? Today, we’ll explore the first and most vital key to overcoming emotional eating: awareness. Emotional eating can often feel like a force that takes control of your actions, but by cultivating emotional eating awareness, you can begin to reclaim power over your responses to triggers….


Faith-Filled Wellness: Your Key to a Victorious Weight Loss Journey

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to have faith in weight loss journey? It’s Cathy here from Weight Loss God’s Way, and I want to dive into the concept of faith and how it relates to your health and wellness. When I talk about faith, I’m not referring to the kind of faith…


Overcoming Self-Doubt: Path to Empowering Your Inner Voice

Have you ever felt the relentless self-talk in your head trying to discourage you from achieving your goals? In this blog post, we’re delving into the powerful story of Nehemiah and how he dealt with critics and naysayers. Drawing inspiration from Nehemiah’s determination, Cathy, from Weight Loss God’s Way, explores the art of responding to…


Empower Your Weight Loss: Cultivating a Determined Mindset

Do you have the determination to do the work it takes to achieve your weight loss goals? In this discussion, Cathy from Weight Loss God’s Way explores the power of a determined mindset. Drawing inspiration from the book of Nehemiah, she helps you discover how cultivating a “mind to work” can be the missing piece…