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Hey, you! Influencer!

Yes, you! The one rockin’ the social media platforms and pouring your heart into your blog posts.

You’ve worked hard to build your personal brand and grow your following! You want to make a difference in the world and it shows.

Weight Loss God’s Way wants to reward you!

It doesn’t take long spending time around Weight Loss God’ Way to know we want to make a difference also! We want to change lives from the inside out, setting women free from emotional eating, unhealthy mindsets and being overweight. They deserve better! The responsibilities on women are challenging enough without living with discouragement, depression and a lack of energy related to weight gain.

Will you help us reach them?

If you are willing to lend your voice, you can earn commission on every person that chooses to sign up for our  21-Day Challenge or Commit 365 membership.

On top of that, we make it easy for you. We provide affiliate links, graphics and swipe copy for you to use. 

Maybe you even have your own story to tell. We will help you promote it.

Are you thinking to yourself, “Show me the money!!!”?  You’ve got it!

Click here for more details on becoming an affiliate today: 

So you are thinking about becoming an affiliate with Weight Loss God’s Way. Great! We consider it an honor you are considering joining our affiliate team, making a difference in the lives of women everywhere. Let us give you the details on how it works and how to get started by answering some frequently asked questions.


Why promote our programs?

Weight Loss, God’s Way programs are leading the way in supporting women around the world to achieve their healthy weight as they ditch the frustrating, traditional yo-yo dieting model for a biblical, wholistic approach to achieving their healthy weight. Women are hungry (pardon the pun) for a program like this that will take all of the guilt and shame out of losing weight. As you become part of this new wave that is sweeping the world, you too will be blessed financially.


What is an affiliate?

Simply put, an affiliate is someone who recommends our program and then gets rewarded with commission when anyone joins as our 21-Day Challenge or Commit 365 membership, using your personal affiliate link.  


How do I earn commission?

When you become an affiliate you will be given unique affiliate links that you can use to promote our programs. When women click on your link, leading them to our website, a cookie is attached to their activity. Should they sign up for one of our courses within 90 days of using your link, you will be given credit for that purchase which will earn you commission on that sale.

 Is this right for me?
This opportunity is perfect for any blogger, podcaster, or influencer who has a following of (predominately) Christian women.  If you promote good health, that’s even better – but not a necessity.  Unfortunately, obesity is at pandemic levels in western countries, and even more so, statistically, amongst church-goers. The need for this program is massive and growing. If you serve this community, we’d love to partner with you to provide this faith-based solution to this world-made health pandemic.

Where can I advertise? Will I be given promo material and swipe copy?

You can advertise in blog posts, on social media, your website, in emails and basically anywhere you can connect with women that would love to release weight. Yes, you will be given promotional material and swipe copy that you can use with your personal affiliate link. We have testimonials, before and after photos, course promotion, sales ads and more.  We make it easy for you to make money. 

 What about a back office, or other support? 

You will have access to training videos along with our private affiliate Facebook group for updates. Our affiliate website gives you a record of all your pending and paid commissions at your fingertips. You will be able to see your traffic log, how many unique users have used your link and more.  We will keep promo pieces and swipe copy up-to-date for you. Additionally, support team members are available to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you be successful. 

 How does it work?

While we often have multiple funnels available to lead people to our signature Weight Loss, God’s Way Commit 365 Membership, we recommend affiliates primarily use our popular 21-Day WLGW Challenge as this offers you immediate commissions for every person who signs up (50% commission!).  Over 400,000 women have already been blessed by the 21-Day Challenge and LOVED IT!  Between your relationship with your audience, the abundant testimonials, and the low entry price, we’re confident you’ll be able to enroll people easily and effectively.
As they go through the 21-Day Challenge (or any of our other free funnels) we’ll be upselling them to our core program: Weight Loss, God’s Way Commit 365.   This is where we go deep to really get to the root of what’s kept them stuck and help them to renew their minds with God’s truth about them, their health and to make those shifts to healthy habits that will become a lifestyle of good health and wellness.

Commit 365  is year-round programming of courses and coaching calls.  Each month we dig deep into a particular topic from planning, to healthy boundaries, to healthy eating, staying motivated to exercise regularly and lots, lots more.
As an affiliate, once a member has signed up, you can earn commission every time they upgrade to the next level of programming.


How do I sign up? Click the Enrollment button below and sign-up.  You’ll be taken to a page with your unique affiliate links.  Request to join our private affiliates only Facebook group (link in the email you’ll receive once you enroll) to access images, swipe copy and updates to current promotions.

Additional questions? We are here to help. Email Preston at Preston@weightlossgodsway.com and he, or one of our other team members will respond shortly. Thank you for considering Weight Loss God’s Way’s affiliate program.

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