Cheryl’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge- Day 10

I slipped up over they weekend but I didn’t beat myself up or continue on the path of self-indulgence.I put pen to paper and planned my entire week for a food plan, made a grocery list and went grocery shopping.

The weekend was a mixed bag. I am not sure if it is a result of an amazing and wickedly intense workout with the task master (Cathy) on Saturday morning that had me feeling so good…so good that by Sunday I had relaxed my attention to all the balls that I need to keep in the air on the 30 day challenge that to be very honest, I dropped one of them on Sunday…food.

It wasn’t a pig-out fest but it was enough for me to be aware of the poor choice that I made and a combination of things that brought it on. My kitchen, fridge nor pantry were adequately stocked to meet my cravings and hunger. I did not have time to go grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon and got busy doing other things on Sunday AM that by the time the afternoon rolled around…well you know…I grabbed what was ready and in front of me. I was also tired…between the 450AM wake-up call Monday to Friday, plus an intense work schedule…I am human and it caught up with me.

So here is what I didn’t do. I didn’t beat myself up. I didn’t continue on the path of self-indulgence simply because I was already there and it was easier to remain there. What I did do was have a glass of water and sipped it slowly. My fridge and pantry are now stocked appropriately. I have fast snacks available to hold my hunger while I am preparing my dinner which is a difficult time for me typically. This morning when I woke up to go to the gym my son also woke up declaring that he was hungry. I could ooooo soooo relate. What it meant though was that my first priority of motherhood called so down the stairs we went for him to get some cheerios, milk and a banana…I now have had to reshuffle my day which will result in an evening workout rather than AM. It means that tomorrow morning regardless of how I may feel after working out this evening, I need to be in that gym tomorrow morning as I also have a 3 day planning session starting at 8AM each morning. UGH!

What I have learned through the Sunday blip is that I feel better about myself when I stick to the program. It is a slippery slope and one that I cannot afford to get on, be on or stay on. Daily renewal is imperative. Thank goodness for this blog!



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