Cheryl’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge- Day 15

Mid-way point of the challenge and ahead of the game!

Sunday, December 6th

Saturday used to be my coming undone day. It used to be my day when I would think that Sunday to Friday I was just o so good what is one day.

Cathy and I have learned that I am an all or nothing sort of girl…hence why I need to work out 7 days a week.

We went out for dinner to a fantastic restaurant in the city last night – I mean, mind-blowingly good food. It would have been easy to get caught up in the magical ambiance, the dining, the company, the service etc…instead I chose to partake in it consciously.

I was mindful of selecting my meal, trade offs made but not sacrifices. Fish full of flavour, baked, complex carb, perfect vegetables. I savoured each bite rather than chewing with guilt. I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of wine rather than sharing in a bottle (and let me tell you – GOOOOOOOOD wine)! Not pretending to be an innocent in the meal but certainly not a deviant or lying to myself today so that I do not take accountability for the 1lb up on the scale this morning.

It means that the workouts this week will need to make up for that lb. Did I deviate from one of the commitments of my 30 day challenge? Yes. Did I keep to every last one of them? Yes. WAY ahead of the game.

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