Cheryl’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge- Day 19

” I never planned for getting sick during this 30 day challenge but this is life.I cannot make up all the days missed but I can get back on track.”

Sigh. I’ve been sick. I started to come down with ‘something’ on Sunday evening and by Monday afternoon I had to face the reality that I was one of those in denial sick people who come into the office and run the risk of making everyone I come into contact with sick as well. I cannot stand those people…therefore, come the end of the day, I had to face my Jesus and confess something that does not happen often…I am not well.

This has resulted in me missing 3 days of working out. I have been bed ridden with fatigue, congestion, a fever and dizziness. 2 days of me being at home bed-ridden is as close to torture as I can get.

I have been feeling sorry for myself with not working out etc and definitely have not been adhering to a regular eating program. I have not deviated and eaten foolishness but I have deviated from regular small portions of clean eating to one sitting because that was when I was feeling hungry…and then straight back into bed. Soooonooootgooood!

Reality. I guess it makes for good TV so it must make for a good blog entry. I never planned for getting sick during this 30 day challenge. I planned for a lot of other things but I have to admit, this really knocked me for six. My weight has gone up by 1-2 lbs…nothing substantial but it adds up over time. I should go to the gym tonight but seeing that my husband has literally taken over our household for the last few days, I need to be home tonight to do my full-time Mama duties rather than go to the gym…there is something about being reasonable that needs to be maintained in my household.

So…tomorrow morning, I commit to a full 1 hour workout…solid. I commit to a 1 hour workout tomorrow evening. I cannot make up all the days missed but I can get back on track rather than waiting to be in perfect health before resuming. This means that I have to add some days onto the original 30 day challenge…reality.

If you always do what you have always done you will end with the same result. My reality calls for a change.



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