Cheryl’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge- Day 6

Creating a new behavior is very different than setting a new expectation.

Day 6

Creating a new behaviour is very different than setting a new expectation. I have been aware and in the know of what behaviours are required to lose weight and establish improved well-being for years…the missing piece has been the expectation of myself in order to make it my behaviour with consistency.

Cathy could not have been more spot on when ‘we’ came up with the 30 day challenge with 1 declaration so simple yet so accurate when dealing with a personality like mine – exercise requires a commitment of 7 days a week no if, ands or buts about it. This has been a big difference for me in the first week. It isn’t quite yet feeling like brushing my teeth in the morning…but if I don’t want my teeth to fall out (to keep with teeth brushing analogy), I had better put the toothpaste on the brush and then use it.

Going to the gym in the morning for me is best. Exercise period in the am is best. I am feeling empowered heading out the door, driving to, crossing the street, passing the same 2 people at the bus stop outside the door at the gym, pulling the door open and stepping in. I am feeling inspired as I go up the stairs to ‘my’ treadmill (at that hour you learn that people have their treadmills regardless of how empty it is), put on my headphones and engage my iPod. I am smiling by the 2 minutes mark in of running when I think about the first time I met Cathy in 1996 and declared, ‘I will do anything, but I do not run.’ I am feeling a part of an inner circle of other early AM gym-goers who are either setting the expectation or already have it set for themselves regarding improved well-being.

By the time I am leaving the gym, I am finding myself already saying to the check your gym pass at the front desk girl , ‘see you tomorrow.’ Setting a new expectation of self in 30 days. Who knew.



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