I Almost Tackled a 7 Year Old for her Donught!

Day 10 of my Isagenix cleanse

It’s day 10 of my Isagenix cleanse and I want to tackle this 7 year old girl sitting beside me eating a Tim Horton’s chocolate donught. It’s like she’s taunting me !!

Obviously, my sweet cravings have not yet passed but I’m determined to get to the bottom of why I want to eat chocolate, chips or anything that’s not healthy for me all day long. Maybe it’s the storm before the calm ( okay ,I know it’s supposed to be the other way around but I’m getting desperate for answers.

I have learned that the feelings and moods associated with chocolate are tension, tiredness, anger, and feeling out of control. Yep, I can definitely identify with the tired and feeling out of control.

On a positive note, I’ve lost most of my ‘post-marathon celebration’ weight gain which was almost 10 pounds !’

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