I’ve got food on my Mind!!

Day 21 of my Isagenix cleanse.

Day 21 of my Isagenix cleanse. Looking forward to the end but also realize that I enjoyed the discipline.

I wish I could say that I’ve followed the cleanse perfectly but it would be a lie. On the upside, I have learned some new insights that will help me on my weight maintenance journey.

  1. I know what I really enjoy versus what I just crave. I really miss my morning coffee (coffee substitute). It is something I enjoy while reading in the morning so that will be put back into my meal plan.
  2. I am painfully aware of how much I think about food. It’s always on my mind. I’m either planning what to eat, thinking about what I wish I could eat or regretting what I ate.
  3. I’ve resisted all of the Halloween chocolates. This is a first!
  4. I’ve learned what foods make me feel good and what foods give me that bloated uncomfortable feeling.

Just over one week to go and I plan to end well.



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