Last Day of my Cleanse!

Not being driven by food cravings.

www.ActiveImage.caIt’s the last day of my Isagenix cleanse and it’s been a wonderful experience for me.

The end is bitter sweet.I thought I would be happier that its over but I’m actually feeling like I would like to continue on this way of eating.

I feel fabulous! My clothes feel great on me. I have not had a skin blemish in the last couple of weeks and my stomach is calm; no bloating or gas and my food cravings have passed.

I have learned to slow down and enjoy my meals. I actually felt myself getting full before finished eating–what a concept!

The best part of this cleanse is that I feel back in control of my eating, I’m not driven by my food cravings and I have tuned in to my body to know what it wants. I have learned to enjoy healthy snacks like almonds in the afternoons instead of the quick fixes like chocolate or junk.

I’m well aware that it’s easy to fall back into old habits so I’m putting a plan in place so that I can maintain the excellent results that I’ve experienced.

Here’s my 10 step plan for life after my 30 day cleanse.

  1. I plan on continuing on having a shake for breakfast and lunch most days of the week.
  2. I plan to introduce some breakfast and lunch options such as oatmeal or whole-grain breads, salads and soups when I’m not in the mood for a shake.
  3. I plan to stay hydrated with water so that I don’t mistake my thirst for hunger.
  4. I plan to maintain my big veggie servings at dinner. I love feeling full so it might as well be with good stuff.
  5. I plan on continuing my 1/2 piece of fruit for a morning snack and almonds for afternoon snack.
  6. I am more conscious of my emotional eating- Friday- Sunday so I am planning activities on those days so that I don’t turn to food.
  7. I have broken the habit of dessert after dinner but I will not deprive myself if I want something.
  8. I plan on continuing to chew my food slowly and enjoying the taste of food. It’s not a race.
  9. I plan on eating an early dinner (6:00 pm) and having only herbal tea or something very light later on in the evening.
  10. I now understand the difference between what I crave and what I enjoy. I plan on enjoy my favorite foods in moderation and not be driven by my cravings.

My niece and one of my best friends also completed the cleanse this week. Here’s what they had to say:

“Finally it is over. I am done my cleanse today. Yippie! I do have a praise report. I am down a total of 12 pounds and 22 inches. PTL( praise the Lord).”

Loy Brown,
Toronto, ON
“I’ve lost 15 pounds in 9 days and feel so good.I can’t believe I waited so long to do this.”

Tenille M.
St. Catharines, ON


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