Looking to God Alone for your Strength

Day 15 of my Isagenix cleanse.

I am so much more conscious of the food commercials. They actually want us to believe that we will have the perfect life once we drink coca-cola, eat at McDonald’s or try new calorie reduced Bud Light.

We are drowning in a sea of images either related to food or sex and the connection is also deliberate. Just look at all the sexy people in the beer commercials. They would have us believe that we can live their life and their body if we drink what they drink.

The writer in the book of Psalms asks God a question that I’ve asked God on this journey and you may also have asked in this area or another–‘ How can a young person stay pure?’ Although his plea sounds desperate and heart-felt I am comforted that the writer’s problem will be answered.

How do I know this? He goes on to say in verse 11, ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.’ And that, beloved is the answer to successful weight release God’s way.

Temptation will never leave us, it’s an accepted part of our culture. Everywhere we look we will find temptation to eat more or have more sex.

These thoughts will enter our subconscious whether we believe it or not. So the best way to manage them is by using the word of God as our offensive and defensive weapon.

Here are some more practical tips to help you avoid food temptations:

  • Never go to the grocery store hungry
  • Try to eat every few hours- don’t allow yourself to get too hungry
  • Eat protein and a good serving of fat at every meal to leave you satisfied
  • Portion out your foods instead of eating directly from the bag
  • Avoid depriving yourself of any food group- keep your meals balanced
  • Stay hydrated- thirst can often be mistaken for hunger
  • Shop in the outside aisles first to get the fresh food
  • Do something else during the T.V commercials ( how about some push-ups)
  • Avoid stock-piling food- try to avoid the sales gimmicks
  • Pray like the psalmist prayed in Psalms 119
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