Gained or Lose Weight?

I have enjoyed this new journey with Healthy By Design. I have done all the challenges, I have stuck to not eating after dinner, I have done at least 15 min of exercise with or without the amazing exercise videos Cathy provides, I have documented my food eaten on my weight watchers app, but most importantly, I have spent a lot more time with the Lord than I have done in a very long time. So much so, that I don’t know if i gained or lose weight because this time around, I did not want to jump on the scale. I focused on getting myself accustomed to this renewed focus on God’s word, as well as, this new life style change. Now that I have finished the 21 day journey its time to step it up a bit. With continued time with God, & being familiar with how my days should go, I am definitely ready to press on & Move Forward to the next Breakthrough step.
Thank You for this experience. I am so happy to know now that I can talk to God about this aspect of my life without feeling vain because of it. It has been an amazing start to a new & much needed change.