God is in control

I’m glad my sister asked me to do this with her. I have learned a lot through every video modular, and that every area is a good reminder for myself of why my weight loss Journey has failed in the past.
I know that procrastination has always been a big thing for me and time. As well as making sure I submit to God and not try to take this on by myself. The Lord gives us only what we can handle and he also delivers us from evil but he really wants us to be asking him coming to him We’re need and not try to do things by ourselves or alone. Through this program I have learned a lot about myself and how God has really worked in my life when I didn’t know he really was. And that he still working in my life. He molds us into his image and I am not done being molded he still the sculpting me and I want to do good by him. I’ve been surprisingly energized to exercise daily and I could not do this without this program. I’m glad that my sister asked me to do this with her and I plan on continuing to Use the units I’ve learned and to encourage her as well as others.