I reluctantly started the 21-day challenge…

I reluctantly started the 21–day challenge back in mid-September. And I do mean reluctantly. I signed up willing to give it a chance, but when I saw that I had to pick between not eating after 7, exercising a little each day or tracking food, I almost quit. I had already cut late night eating (to no avail) and already exercised 3-4 times per week, so neither of those would really be a stretch. The last option was tracking food and I absolutely did NOT want to do that. I had done that as part of a previous diet and felt restricted/limited/trapped. Who chooses to feel like that?! Then it had to be a specific tracking method…I was already using a different app and hated the thought of starting over.
Thankfully, I decided to use the challenge for what it was…a challenge. I read each email, watched each video, posted on fb and asked God to change me.
I lost 3 pounds in week 1, but no pounds in week 2. How disappointing. I almost quit (again). I figured I could finish the last week. it certainly couldn’t hurt. Guess what? Another 3 pounds lost for a total of 6 gone during he challenge weeks!
During the challenge, we had to set realistic goals. Little bitty goal: finish the challenge. (I did it!) Longer goal: lose 30 pounds by May 9th (based on 1 pound per week plus cushion for “off” weeks). And I dared set my ultimate goal: 100 pounds by October 27, 2018 (based on the same 1 pound per week plus cushion).
This morning when I tracked my weight, I saw my progress screen as a little celebration of how far I had come in the weeks since the challenge and I knew now was the time to share and say Thank You! (see attached)
My weight loss has been consistent (17 pounds as of today!) and I plan to reach my longer goal way ahead of schedule. I actually love tracking what I eat, as I feel in control and am consiously making food decisions rather than letting whatever happen.
Thank you, Cathy, for sharing what you’ve learned.