It Changed My Life

“The 21 day challenge changed my life. I have suffered the from sin of overeating and yo-yo dieting for years. I am an otherwise active and outgoing person but no one who knows me would ever suspect my constant struggle with food. Through this challenge I learned to break through the chains that were holding me back and focus on God’s Promises and how he wants me to live the best possible life. The lessons are clear and focused, with some great humor thrown in. It’s a very enjoyable program. Cathy is a wise and engaging teacher. As a result of being faithful and transparent, I lost about 10 pounds during the 21 day challenge, and am still “releasing weight” as I continue to study God’s word. The bible teaches us to seek God first in all things to receive his blessings (Matthew 6:33). The 21 day challenge has opened my eyes to this and other truths (or should i say lies that hold me back). The program continues to bless me.”