I Need Practical Advice

“I loved the 21 Day challenge and the Weight Loss, God’s Way book and recipe book. I am a practical person, and I need practical advice. Rather then merely talk platitudes, Cathy Morenzie identified specific shortcomings and bad habits that were standing in my way of managing my health. Using biblical principals, Cathy challenged me to honestly face my role in my previous failures and bad habits. While I rely on God for my strength and hope, I am also making conscious choices to live more healthfully. I eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, far fewer processed foods, and I am exercising every day — and enjoying it! My mindset has shifted from seeing diet and exercise as a burden to seeing gorgeous whole foods and loving movement as blessings and as a way to honor God’s gift to me of a strong body and good health. I am down 17 pounds in the past three months and plan to continue on this path until I reach a healthy weight.Thank you, Cathy, for keeping it real and honest, and for helping me to see the potential I have in Christ. You are a blessing to me!”