People whisper to me, “Did you have the surgery?”

I started with you around 230 lbs and now I am floating between 145 and 147. I know that my BMI was close to 40 when I started and is now in the 25s. I was taking two prescriptions for HBP and am working my way off the second one. I was initially resistant to carrying my food; now I have at least an apple in my purse and carry my food with me to work daily.

My back doesn’t hurt all the time and although my arthritis kicks up, I have a new friend, energy. I didn’t realize how little energy I had until I finally got some daily. My doctors are singing my praises and people whisper to me” did you have the surgery?”.

The feeling that I am working within God’s plan for me is huge. It is a blessing to not be ashamed of what I see in the mirror. It is a bigger blessing to be able to walk with people 20 or 30 years my junior and be able to keep up.

Thank you so much for not giving up on me.

Now that I am at the weight, I want to remain with the group to reinforce what I have learned and protect my loss by continuing to grow, eat right, and work out appropriately for my age and limitations.

Sometimes I get misty thinking about the goodness of the Lord and the beautiful people He sent to help me. Thank you so much!!!!