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Secrets to weight loss success from Christian experts such as

Barb Raveling, Kimberley Taylor, Theresa Rowe, Robbie Raugh,

and many others!

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Renewing Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss


How to Release the Power of God to Shape Your Body and Faith


Getting on Course

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Emotional Eating


Overcoming Procrastination


How to Submit Your Weight Loss to God


What’s Stopping You?


Power of Prayer


The Blame and Excuse Game


The Magic of Motivation


Videos with Cathy Morenzie

Handling Setbacks on Your Weight Loss Journey


How to Set Weight Loss Goals That You Can Really Commit To


Bonus Video:
Staying Motivated Q & A Chat


Bonus Video:
Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Finally Start Losing Weight


Bonus Video:
Is Your Identity Keeping You from Reaching Your Healthy Weight?

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