10+ Low Carb. Snack Options

Many of us have a hard time coming up with healthy low-carb. snack options.

Here is a list of  10 +  low carb. snacks that will help to stabilize your blood sugar, keep you energized and help your body to burn fat.

  1. lettuce chicken wraps ( or turkey)
  2. handful of nuts
  3. boiled eggs
  4. sweet potato fries in coconut oil
  5. veggies with guacamole dip
  6. salmon, tuna or egg salad in cucumber
  7. piece of fruit with almond or cashew butter
  8. veg. with home-made ranch dip
  9. shredded coconut
  10. 70% dark chocolate with almond butter
  11. banana pancakes
  12. fried plantain in coconut oil
  13. Salad





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